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Killin de casualidad ya actualizaste el archivo con los nuevos items

No, i need a good reason for it.

That’s so much work for nothing IMO.

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Vamos KilliN hay que levantar ese animo Q.Q!!

.exe ummm the Antivirus will made the work in this case.

recomendation: will made interactive archive.
construct website and add this funtion for use online. Not downloading

What you said just make no sense, seriously.

Hell yes.



ok maybe you do not explain me well. You need to develop a web application. which you host on a server so that it works online. without downloads. It works from the hosted page…

Doesn’t works like that, but I already had the hosting idea in my mind.

you have a .swf (flash) file is very simple. you only need to insert it in a simple page made in HTML, you will only need that and the necessary plugins for it. but it is really very simple.

god damn dude, I know how to do that, but i don’t want to depend on third parts.

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Why do we depend on third parties, my friend? You can do it without depending on anyone … if you need more information ask me the private one. I will gladly advise you

Thanks mate, but i’m not that new to this.

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ohhh friend, sorry I did not mean that you were new to this, just thought that my experience of more than 10 years in web development, web application development and mobile (app) could serve you a little maybe. Sorry, I was just trying to help you.

Ok you know any way of stable hosting for free?

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Of course friend I pass the information to you by private message if you want.

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Aye pilots, upcomming weapon it’s included.

Test it out on https://www.kongregate.com/games/instanceKilliN/sm-workshop-unlimited

Not the final link though, this one is mostly for testing.


body seems unclear

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why couldnt they add this kinda stuff to the super mechs we all play now better detail more options

Ese es el entusiasmo Killin, paciencia al progreso Q.Q1

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