♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)

What about being able to build your dreams' mech? Or just any mech that comes into your mind, for free and without limits?

I present you Workshop Unlimited!

WU, for shorten, inclues every Mythical item on level 50, counts with the arena buffs. This way, letting you build your mech at the maximum level.

Are you ready to build the ultimate battle machines? Take the links:

https://workshop-unlimited.web.app/ (Latest & most stable)
https://killin-sm.github.io/wudev/ (Features!)

https://workshopunlimited.github.io/main/ (Flash, DEPRECATED)

If you want to be up for the updates or just talk directly to me, this is the link for the WU discord server:

- Raul Vitor#9419


Can you garantee that the/this download is safe :question:

Shouldn’t that be work from tacticsoft :question:

Maybe @Sarah247 and/or @SilverBox can confirm that they kinda work together with you :question:

(about the needed data)

Please do this not get wrong, its sure great work from you and also you invested sure a lot of time into it :exclamation:


That are just some questions, so that we users can feel safe :exclamation:

Didn’t we all not like the old old workshop a LOT LOT LOT more than the current one :question:



this sounds good @KilliN well done :3


Of course, the link is 100% safe, it’s hosted in my MEGA account. No ads, no dificults! :D


Members of my Discord server could follow the development of this!

I got all the item stats from this topic:

But i got some advices from @Alexander.

No problem! And yeah, the old workshop was way easier to use.

Thank you :3


I tried but it wont work. i open the file and it just shows this. any suggestions?

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thats what i clicked on. thats how i opened the file.

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i dint have internet explorer. i have chrome, on a chromebook.


Everyone have Explorer, because Google Chrome doesn’t works without it. :)

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yes it does because thats what i have.


PM me.

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the most indestructible bot yet. 6 kg too heavy :’(

oh this is better

or this, if you can get it


so we could add this to my simulator idea.

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Kinda exiting to see this.

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It’s already ready for download, just download it… except KilliN is constantly making a better version

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Noice work. But the link isn’t working.

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Just tested, it is!


This needs to be on the phone app. I mostly play on the phone

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Internet Explorer is not downloadable it comes with the PC

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