Why it's possible!



i know this is in the wrong topic but where is the mechs help topic?

how bout this?
@cyanine what is the link for that workshop unlimited?



think you’re better off making it a counter energy would drain that so fast not to mention you don’t have movement so it’s bad all round

The link of the updated workshop is in the workshop topic: ♦ - Workshop Unlimited 2.6.5

And in my profile:image

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Personally though, I think this one is better:

FS hook and tp

We build Energy-Free bois here sir

also why not this

I promise you the energy will not drain you, you’ll get overheated frequently anyways with 550 Heat Cap.

Because I need 150 regen minimum or I’ll run out during battle.



i dont trust that setup but it has potential


That guy has more potential


That guy has more potential

(why am I copying cyanine??)

115, 150

Eh…Close enough


Those guys have more potential.

Takes 150 energy to fire 2 weapons and drone. Plus regen let’s me take down energy trolls, at least sometimes.

thoughts? void or hurlbat?

Void is better… but that won’t get you far.

Pushers and energies will mess you up. Try replacing a heat engine with a booster and use backstabber maybe.

Glad that I was the one that invented this build which ya like to remix so much.

Here is my go:

:joy: Sir.Killin! your build use energy more than you can regen at close/mid range :ok_hand: