What the new patch should have looked like if taticsoft didnt hate us

I’m sure a lot of you have questions about the new update, to be clear. this is not the new patch that is coming. This is the patch that we SHOULD have had if tacticsoft didn’t hate us. By the way they moved this post here in an attempt to bury it. even though im a new member to these forums. Im not an idiot and i know where I want my post to be.

New gameplay elements

A customisable campaign battle map and menu. With the buildings governing existing game elements with them starting out weaker and then becoming slightly more powerful at max upgrades.

Salvage Hangar: That gives you free packs that we get in the shop now. and determines the amount of credits you get from pvp battles.

Power plants: that can generate powerkits, or if you slot an item into it it will keep stacking power until its fully upgraded and eject that item back into your inventory, the better the powerplant the more power it delivers. Powerplants can be upgraded but run at considerably reduced levels unless you spend your credits to keep them running.

Command centre: that governs your daily rewards. How much money you get from crates. It store days that can be missed without losing the log on bonus with the option to disable. Reduces the consecutive days required for a mythical, starting at 28 days and reducing to 19 days. also covers watching adds for tokens.

Clan Beacon: to notify you of your clan members current and previous pvp ranks. and other clan stuff like messages etc.

Mech factory: Where you manage your mechs order and customisation.

Fuel depot: governs the amount of fuel you have and the rate of recharge.

Scanning/Electronic Counter Measures
We are experiementing with a new gameplay element.

ECM prevents your oponnent being able to see the powerlevel damage potential and ammo/charges of your weapons.

Scanning passively stacks every turn until it overcomes the ecm rating of your opponent.

Scanning also effects where you start on the battle field, with the rating of each player compared, and the player with the highest being assigned a proportianal amount of the battlefield to deploy on with the player with the lowest rating deploying first.


Items of every rarity can be upgraded to an ultimate mythical version.

Ugly rumours have been surfacing that we’ve made all the mythicals obsolete as part of a drive to refresh our wallets, rest assured that the current mythicals will be in general the most powerful but specific niches will be covered by items upgraded to mythical status.

Modules can now be upgraded.

Inventory management
Previously we complained about people having too many items in their inventories
as a solution to this we’ve made the following changes

Every item can stack! one slot per item up to 9999. We also have a fusion protection mode which will let you set a lock, to prevent accidental fusing.

To stop unique power levels of items cluttering up inventory we now have fusion power cores.
fusion powercores are added next to a mechs weapon/special/armour/module slots … To move the powercore you will lose some of its potency, but in this trial process we are allowing you to slot and unslot them freely. In future we will be adding core types that can only be upgraded with PVP wins, item fusion only, or SM credit upgrading only.
Also note fusion power cores are different for specials/modules/weapons/armour.

We are also introducing MK and V slots. mk1 mk2 mk3 You can find v1,v2,v3,v4 upgrades. These upgrades apply to certain items increasing their weight and costs simalarly increasing their effects.

and finally a custom filter that lets you search for specific text, rarity and mech slot.

These changes should cap inventory clutter, and reduce server load.

We now have a pilots pack, they have their own slot and provide a small effect to your mech. each with their own level of rarity and effect.

We are taking submissions from players on the kind of storyline they may want to see in the campaign.
The story would need to address the reasoning behind pvp arena battle, and why we show up to burn big boys base down regularly. People with useful contributions will have their player id incorporated into the storyline, subject to it fitting with the favour of the campaign, sorry sundee####salot is out of the question.

2v2 and 3v3 campaign
We will be releasing a 2v2 and 3v3 campaign.

We will be releasing epic boss fights that you will need multiple mechs to have a chance of beating. The bosses will be based on concepts that we see at the top of the meta.


Clan wars

With the addition of base building we are now implementing clan wars, clan wars will use a fuel system seperate to campaign fuel, each player in a clan will have a “forward” base which they will have construct and defend, depending on how many upgrades a player has to their base will depend on how many tanks buggies and mechs they can slot in there. in the characters mech factory you can configure your defensive tanks/mechs/buggies with your existing equipment. The mechs on the defensive will be amplifed similar to hard mode. Any clan can declare war on an existing clan the objective being to clear each opposing players base, when a players base is destroyed that player is out of the fight and cannot be attacked anymore. If all are destroyed within the time limit, then the attacking clan wins, if the time runs out defenders win. Players in the defending clan can counter attack to drain fuel from attackers if they can disable their fuel depot, and can lock them a particular player out of attacking for a short time if they can destroy their command centre, or can spend their resources to revive a clan mate for 4 times the cost of a counter attack.
Wars can be declared every 12 hours.
Clan wars will have its own reward system, consisting of a small amount of tokens, a unique pvp reward pack, and some other things that we want to surprise you with.
And eventually be expanded into a world map with hexagonal overlay (becuase squares are dumb.) where clans hold territory for rewards, certain area’s award more points than others so the top clans will be rewarded for holding highly contended locations.

At level 15 the old shop opens up, the catch is, only items level 15 and under are in it. Higher level items you still have to find from boxes.

Cosmetic upgrades

Drones have been reworked:
To function as orbital / air support. You activate the drone as normal to paint your target but it fires from the air like the end of the animation of some long range missile launchers. Because not being able to target drones is dumb. Things like repair drones will take up the support slot but function internally and have new visual queues to show people that they are working. The weight on the mech is for the target painting system and communications uplink.
Now your evil rock is actually an orbital weapons platform and is launching kinetic projectile bombardment from space, its just cooler.

Weight limit increase!!! (just kidding)
Kg doesnt feel epic enough. We are changing all instances of kg to tons. Tanks in the real world can weigh over 100 tons, we want you to visualise our mechs as being up to 5-10 times larger constrcted from ultra dense material

Buggies are now reskinned to light tanks, theres no way something with wheels should even be moving towards a mech.

Colour kits are back
Guys i know you’ve been waiting for this one for a long time, well it will be worth the wait, you cant now select colours from the colour palette.

Cloaking perk:
You can now have a camoflage overlay added to your mech, you can still pick the colour. You are not invisible, think of the C&C stealth tank.

hats for every event
yes, to fans of stupid hats on mechs. you wont be disappointed.

We’ve solved the exploit hackers used, their accounts have been deleted, and their account infomartion noted. In future if you notice anyone suspect report them and we will investigate.


I’ll add some more idea’s over time.

-------- Like this post if you want the devs to take notice and deliver the content we actually want -------

Rather than removing things like the shop and colour kits.


@Littlegorge, although I defeated you on several occasions, I must admit that I am totally impressed with your proposal. Man, great ideas. Basebuilding - awesome. Clan Wars: shit, I want them badly! Campaign storyline, great idea, too! Thumbs up!!


am I allowed to copy back those ideas in case Gaurav doesn’t allow him to copy it back there?
that thing belongs both here and in the Q&A thread

Thank you for your support, but please lets just try and reason with the mods without making them angry.

Sure. I’m always up for a logical conversation with the mods or anyone else.

It seems like the new patch is as bad as i thought it would be.

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REMEMBER: This is Phase 1 its not over.

When a dev teams standard practice is not to post after patch day to let things cool off, when they have to merge all the posts flooding their forums because people are quitting. You know that they know that they are f&^#ing up their own game. They try to manage our outrage, mute and bury criticism and have their shills fawn in the hopes that we will keep quiet, let it go. This wont work on me or the majority of players, and I can promise you this. NOT. ONE. MORE. F&^#ING. CENT. EVER.