What do you think about my phys mech?


why did I just get a message from someone named marija

Uh oh,you’re doomed lol


why am I doomed, How am I doomed???

She is a mod

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Yes, the creator of the WU topic huh

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mechs to trash to go higher tho

  • You use Dual Frantic, bad point from me (I despise those weapons, but I’ll work with them for you)

  • Remove Terror Cry and Flaming Hammer, replace with Rock Recoiler (this have already suggested)

  • Use Tonto if you can

  • Replace Heat Capsule Units with Heat Engines (they give more cap at Myth than the Capsules, and they also give Cooling (for a mere 2/3kgs each)

  • Since you don’t use energy-free weapons, I’d suggest you to go counter Phys/Heat, and thus have only the bare minimum energy (one engine)

  • Replace your Savior resistance with 2 or 3 single-element resistance module, you’ll get more res in the end against specific or all mechs (at those ranks, res is valuable My main mech from when I was playing can attest, and you have enough HP to get it to work)
    If you don’t want to follow the advice above, you can also add a plate instead

  • Don’t forget to have the most utilities you can, since you have a Clawed mech

Please note, I didn’t accounted accuratly the weight of each items, so you might end up far over or below the limit…make compromises as you want ^^

But I want to say, I think you mech could handle a 1~3kgs overweight, if you really want or need something

Oh and you made a mistake a lot of people make: focus on weapons rather than modules…
Modules are AS IMPORTANT, if not more, than weapons in a mech’s killing capacity ^^

Also, what is your second mech ?

Ok thank you, my second mech:

practically energy-free mech
and the third one, energy mech

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I see you have an almost energy-free mech

That’s good, it’ll complement your Phys mech, if you turn it into a Phys/Heat counter ^^

Yep, thank you!
~20 chars

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Always at your service if you want general advices or more accurate ones on Phys mechs

(just keep in mind they might not be good when you reach top ranks, but you’ll be better by then ^^)

Yeah, thank you! Very appreciated!

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I like frantics haha xd


Get a rock recoiler on that thing

And why the hell do you have two frantically


The fact that you can post means that you’re not on hold anymore

The message from marija is probably the PM saying your account has been verified and that you’re not on hold anymore


If I am lucky, I can hit guy with even -670hp, so enemy will get -1340 :wink:

i think thats a good mech, but you may want to consider, would it hold its own against my mech but max upgraded?56%20PM

and do you think it would hold up against my secondary max upgraded?31%20PM

Would it hold up to this beast?