We really need this


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Yep, that is it. Is it still active?

I think it is but it’s closed to the public now

Yea, because people were only milking it. I was also. I’m guilty

Sounds just like a test server, which a lot of games have/use. But, not one that would benefit the developers of this game in my opinion. While the player base would enjoy testing out their mech builds in a completely open environment with no restrictions, the developers would be missing out on players grinding and spending in order to obtain the items in game to put their ideas to use.

Just my 2¢ :slight_smile:

that is very similar to my simulator mode idea, which STILL NEEDS TO BE IMPLEMENTED!!!
@KilliN made this though.



then maybe gain full rewards for that specific hangar

No rewards.

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got ya.

i like the idea but dude we already have something like that but it still doesn’t let do a DMG test yet
here the link to it http://supermech.bitballoon.com/

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i meant like you can actually play it instead of seeing just stats…

there about to udate a DMG test ok

i meant…
as a seperate hangar you have access to every in game item and you can build what you want and then actually play with the mech you built.

OH ok sorry man but still that would show the player there strongest build and all there weaknesses

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its also a good way to experiment with builds. test em out before you go in the original hangar and improve your rankings.

yeah but this sound like a mech build testing to me man

exactly. thats why im requesting this sandbox mode that way you CAN test builds.

I see a tweaking or even a complete different thing:

A place where you can customize your opponents to test your build’s strong points, weaknesses, limits ^^

Like a test mission that yield no reward (or maybe a really small amount of XP, to not say that it gives nothing XD)

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but player would rather play this mode instead of playing like actual hardcore grinder like you and me