"Under the Bridge" Recruitment


example :arrow_up: (in the previous post) post supposedly hidden by flags. where only express my opinion. No bad words, for no reason. thank you for corroborating it, for this reason this forum like the game is dying.


I see “hate speech” and “harassment”


I would have flagged it anyway since it has nothing to so with my Clan recruitment…Please stay on topic


Sorry I did not know it was a recruiting post. Is that your clan’s name? omg. good luck in your recruitment.


Oki no harm done. Thx for the good wishes :slight_smile:


Another Day Under the Bridge.

The hidden folk has grown and look for even braver and more important: talkative people!
We are currently 23/24 and are currently ranked 26th.
So u wanna join a top 30 clan with several veterans to help u out and just have fun?
Dont hesitate to contact me or write something here.
Feel hugged.

I need a clan....Clan....CLAN...CLAAAAANNNNN!
Searching for a good clan ASAP


Another Day Under the Bridge:

Creatures come crawling from every direction forming a strong bridgehood.
Clan is growing and inviting active guys over.
Today we hit place 17

We still consist of some no shows…so take your chance and join before Troll Hood is complete.

We are Trolls, we have a bridge,
not much but consider us rich!


Rank 17 with no shows is pretty good going.


oH bOi I sUrE wOuLd HaVe LoVeD tO jOiN.
if se7en wasnt more elusive than the abombination i wanted to get since i started to play this cursed game.
w h y t h e f u c k i s s e 7 e n h a r d e r t o f i n d t h a n a L - M i t e m t h a t y o u n e e d e d i n a p r e m i u m b o x


thank you! we do our best and hope for
reinforcements :slight_smile:


se77en is not around much. The leadership changed over to me.


if you are inviting people.
and you want compitent members.
then tell your original leader to go into chat and invite people.
why the fock.
do we need to find him instead.


Were coming for you @Powtaito :stuck_out_tongue:


geez u guys are so active. will be hard to compete, thats for sure!


fear us explosive potato man.


You think? I’m always complaining that these lazy mofos ain’t active enough.


l a z y m o f o s?




Hi I hang around level 5. Please don’t quit our matches most likely I will do so first . I am here for fun . I can’t give them all away but most yes .