The Idea Of Tournaments

So i was thinking if TacticSoft could add a new feature to the arena , Which is tournament , Players will play the tournament for a chance to win gold , and even boxes ( normal boxes ) , I saw the idea on one of @devil123’s recent posts , the torunament post , I’m giving credits to @devil123 , For how it will work question , Here is a hint : by @JamAnime12 , He replied in the post , With a picture of how it will work ,

And in the tournament the winner would get a fortune box with 90% Epic Drop Rate , and 10% Legendary Drop Rate , And an amount of 50,000 gold , for those who don’t win , if you loose one match on the tournament , you’ll get out of the tournament , if you win you keep progress , Also the entry fee is 5000 gold of four people, then prize winning is 20,000 , And let’s say for example you wanna play the tournament and you won only the first match , that doesn’t mean you won’t get anything , you won’t get your 5,000 gold back , but you’ll get 2,500 gold , let’s say you won 2 matches , you’ll get your 5,000 gold back , And if you loose the last match it means you lost the tournament , Hope you like the idea of tournament

I was thinking about the idea of a championship between players
From month to month everyone can play to win coins and tokens and Evene boxes .
you will play Against some Competitors in you’re rank
then few wil go to next round
and like that Until 1000 still
all of them will win alot of things
evreyone in rank 9 as exemple

they will fight each other 200 will stay all of them will fight the 200 winner from rank 8

@THE-REAPER-AYOUB : your forgetting one major thing, The entry fee. Most games I played have an entry fee which is the prize. So, say the entry fee is 5000 gold of four people, then prize winning is 20,000.

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1000 will win prises averey month from every rank

Your forgetting that not even 1000 are active. The most I seen now is 300 players. And of those 300 the ranks don’t balance for 1 major tournament.

they will be 2 tournaments

first a big one

2 small one betwin rank players

so the one who don’t play will remove from the tournament

What ranks? That won’t work out. A big tournament, what ranks would that be? If it’s 1 - 10, than that does not balance. A tournament has to have separate ranks, or a small range of the ranks.

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The players who won (rank 10) will fight the players who loose from the auter rank (rank 9)

and those who are won from the begining will have there prises

Your Idea does not give much info also (I’m not trying to be against this idea or come hard at you, yet you have to look at a big idea like this that can have cons) What is the tournament about? How is it done? Sounds different from what I showed. Have to be specific. I gave a tournament idea so many times. Especially one like the pic I posted. Explain it and be specific so everyone can understand.

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all the players will fight each other from every rank
if you won you can chose to get out with what you’ve got or keep playen
from rank 10 to 1
players will fight each other from the same rank Until 50 player stay in every rank
the prises will be Different
Considering the rank

Just a curiosity, What rank are you?

i am in rank 5
and you ?

By the way, I have a lot of ideas do i continue to publish them or not

I’m rank 9. I would loose right away.

If you want. I would make sure if it has been brought of before to make sure you don’t waste time on it.

ok thanks
did you want to fight me
i have a 2nd acc rank 10 do you want meet me in chat my name is the black devil

No, just wanted to know. Was curious. I’m still not ready to take on a 7, yet reached rank 7.

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ok anytime you want i am here

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