Someone build my dream mech please!

For the one who is a pro player and has almost everything maxed out, please make a pic of this build:

Brutality torso (black)
Devouring paws (black)
On the full side the magma blast (on the lower side not on the top slot, also black)
On the other side the abomination (black, on lower side not top slot)

Top weapons: on full side the supreme cannon (black)
And the savagery on the other side.

Please build this mech and send a pic down below!! I would be so grateful! <3

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It’ll be kinda hard finding a player who has all those heat items. Try supermechs sandbox although it doesn’t show the actual mech.

Hmmm… I Give My Item


How do you enter supermechs sandbox? And i don’t mean the topic but where can you use it yourself? Is it an app or something?

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KilliN’s SWF File version (Slightly wrong stats, better one coming)

@Robert_Marian’s website version. (Correct stats and new Damage test coming out. )

Thanks! I’ll check it out

I thought you are @sparsh lol


Or you should try Robert’s simulator.

I choose that one.

I feel sorry for sparsh,seriously.

What happened to sparsh?
He hasn’t been online for a while now.

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Same question i want to ask.
He probably gave up while he lost his acc.

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I miss him tho.
He’s a bit weird, but very nice.

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Let’s just not go off topic yes?


srry i couldnt paint it black(made it on supermech simulator/workshop)

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i have not black.

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