New Item Idea-RazorBeam

A new weapon that’s like Corrupt Light, but physical. Stats at Epic will be: 55 weight, 80-110 Physical damage, 1 resistance drain, and 15 heat/energy cost. Scale the stats up from there however you like.

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alright ima continue this for you ok?

  • Common Drop rate 50%
    (stats are at lvl 1)
    Dmg:30-76 Resis Drain:Nan
    Weight:55 Heat/Energy Cost:10-15

  • Rare Drop rate 40%
    Dmg:100-150 Resis drain:3
    Weight:55 Heat/Energy Cost:20-25

  • Legendary Drop rate:10%
    Dmg:150-200 Resis Drain:9
    Weight:55 Heat/Energy Cost: 40-50

  • Mythical Drop rate:–%
    Dmg:200-300 Resis Drain:15
    Weight:55+20 (too op if still 55) Heat/Energy Cost:70-90

That’s the stats,ill change some in the future but yeah,they need to do this


This idea cannot die

you forgot the epic category

Oh crap…alright Epic stats right here!

*Epic Drop Rate 15%
Dmg:100-200 (Through Sheer luck and Neg resis) Resis Drain:12
Weight:55 Heat/Energy Cost: 60-70

I have revived this idea

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You should and you will

suggestions without polls tend to die because their popularity is very hard to guage.

it’s pretty tough to get the community interested in a suggestion without a poll let alone the devs.

just a tip.

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