Meet the Weko! The curious chameleon!

why ???

i don’t know :upside_down_face: and don’t ask me why.

where did weko come from???

weko or neko or…neeko? that it!

a furry convention gone wrong


ummm excuse me what#######k? im not a furry boii!

did you know that neko means cat in Japanese

your PFPs and profile backgrounds say otherwise

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oh i see it hehehehe

yup ik that and i already have 1 she is shiro neko

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A what?

Edit:well after searching shiro neko in google, almost diying from cuteness is a thing.

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:upside_down_face: :arrow_up: up there !

i already knew what it meant

Welcome To Forms Aris
I noticed that you are new to forms, so I have taken it upon myself to offer you the most i can, Here are some posts that may help you in the future :wink:

Here you can find mostly every maxed mythical in the game

Here people are willing to help you on builds

Here you can use this app to simulate any mech build you think of thanks to Killin

Here you can show off your mechs and other items you get

Have a great time here on forms :smile:
If you need any further advise fell free to contact me and just note: (im not always so profeshinal with my typing, im normaly just chill and speed type

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He oops mean she?
Never mind he/she not new -_-

Well i Enjoy Being nice to people, mainly cause it doesnt fell like july anymore

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Hello! XxExetraxX you are so nice! but i already read those post! :wink: be nice and gentle like Weko!

Please, Just call Me Exetra :smiley: Its Always Nice to have a new friendly member of the forms, dont get many these days :thinking: Well anyway hope you enjoy your time here at forms, I can tell people will love your friendly spirit

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Thanks you for everything! Mr.Exetra! :wink: i hope you will enjoy to reading my post too!

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