Mech with 2000 energy

hey Wiz Kay you mother will add 20 percent

Please use proper grammar

Hey Winz_Kay your mother will add 20 percent. now ok

That makes no sense.

Please explain how you got 2044



What’s that you used? Can ya give the name plz?

It’s newest version of this.

This is not due to photoshop, but due to the width of the text box.

I can bring examples as explanation if you want

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That’s the highest possible energy cap

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Maybe left half of pic taked from campaing…

Sure, give me examples of inconsistent spacing between identical numbers on either side of the / and missing serifs. Should be a fun read.

how it works with more then 999, so i gonna try make 2k… upd: with more “bigger” in sprite numbers

Good luck with that. I think it’s impossible to push the text past the box without using at least 2000~ and no skinny pixel numbers like 1.

Granted, it may be possible to edit the text client side even if it means nothing server side. But, I don’t have the capabilities to do such a thing.

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This happens everywhere actually.

And i’m sure you don’t want a extremely technical explanation about fonts, and how the display works in flash…

but about the number issue, here you go:

This is a Flash textfield, configured to be one-line-only style, any text larger than the text fideld gets cropped.

Pretty simple tho.

I was referring to an example in game, I realize that fonts are stretched depending on native resolutions. As for the no serif, it’s not just a cutoff that I’m showing, notice the black line completely cutting off where the serif would extend to the “out of bounds” area of the text box…

Notice how the black bar proceeds down instead of breaking near the middle where the white serif would extend out 2 pixels and the black border would be what is cutoff? That is the example I am wanting replicated in game.

And I never tried to make it out like my reasoning was 100% the end all be all reason his energy is so high. It was a theory provided among many others. I really don’t know why you seem to have this “talking down to me” kick going at the moment in not only this thread @KilliN. If you have an issue with me for whatever reason, I’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you in Private Messages.

If however I am reading too much into you constantly trying to correct me today, then by all means ignore the above and if you feel up to it, provide an in game example of the above happening as described. Take care.

I was going to point that in any flat surface the shadow extends for 3 pixels…

But after comparing this I don’t think my sentence would be valid:

This is correct:

But after all, i’m still think it’s photoshop.

I quoted you twice and you come up with this? Come on, i’ve done “worse” to other people Lol.

5 times in 4 posts* but let’s let sleeping dogs lie and agree that we agree it’s edited and thus fake.

Feel free to think what you want to, Lol.

Hey i Got that Energy in camping telling truth but that is true energy not fake

I believe you… but how did you verse Gremlin with it?

What if its campain and he got mission box buffs?