Introducing the simulator!

(sorry about the artwork im not the best :frowning:)
So here is how this works. Say you want to test a new strategy, and want to pick your enemy. You can go to the campaign, and find the simulator icon, wherever they place it, and choose the items, stats, and even the field!
no fuel cost

Min hp 1
max hp 2500
min resistances 1
max resistances 83
min energy/heat 50
max heat energy 500
min cooling/regen. 20
max cooling/regen 500

your enemy can have all available items in the game! :slight_smile:

  • I want this to be added
  • I want this to be added with a couple of changes
  • Do not add this

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If I forgot anything, or if you wish to add or delete things, plz let me know at @willybobhero I await your opinions, take care :slight_smile:


Hm… so this is just choosing a stat for your enemies, to see how strong your mech is, and just to have fun? Interesting. I guess this is one way of testing a mech.

yeah, you can, simulator is not the worst idea i had…yet

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I honestly think it is a good idea. Espesially for one, 1 shoting big boy at insane mode which is ALWAYS giving me a pain in my back.

well this can help you test new builds and strategies to beat bigboy lvl 3

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I just stated 2 reasons why it should be implemented into the game xD Stress relief, and see how good your mech does lol.

This is useful for testing out new mech builds. It should be implemented.

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it should not cost fuel

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And you are unlock all items are build a mech and costume your enemies

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didnt remove cost but yeah omg im so happy now

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I find great joy in the fact that you tagged your name in the post like a youtuber or platformer

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okay thats a new one

That’s actually not a half bad idea.
Sounds cool but,for me at least,it would have no real use.

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i never had an idea that went this well

now this is a poll for people with trust lvl 4/staff

  • dont add
  • add

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Uhh i wish if it is good but then more people would know how to farm thanks to stats wich is bad in my opinion.

That’s a good statement.

I suggest that players won’t earn any gold and xp when using the simulator.


Thank you for agreeing on me on this one

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I would say that “maximum” is too low. It should be like maximum stats really are (resistance up to 83 etc.)

good idea guy its a good idea :grinning: