Hey i'm damagehunter

hello , is the first time i use the forum but i’m not new, i have been stuck in arena 12-11 for a long time, and i need help here .
so here is my mech

Hello buddy and welcome on forum :smiley:
Just pm me if u need tip, help or just someone for talk im almost everytime free
Good luck and have fun :cookie:

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Hi, and finally welcome to the forum…

First, welcome to the comunity of SM… second, we’ll all try to help you to the better result possible…This energy is to counter something or just pure energy?So we can tell what modules you need… Weapons are good, but i suggest you take out the hotflash(or flaminator, idk the difference) and equip one last words…
Not forgetting, you can also find help in this topic instead of open another:

And for the list of maxed mythicals you can get it here:

And if you wanna make a mech but don’t have the parts you can build a simulation here:

Welcome to the forums!

We are cool and stuff but when a flame war breaks out don’t be surprised.

Here are some useful links:

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Welcome to the Forums

welcome to the forum
what about your second mech if its phy then i can help

just curious, what rank are you?..not to be mean or anything…

who you asking me or damagehunter

you obviously because you got notified…duh

oh i am usually between rank 10-7


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only if i had rolling beasts i would be rank 6

what legs are you using rn?

i am using iron boots but there maxed out so think there okay

hello, welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum! :smiley: