Hello, I am new!

Well not exactly new new, My brother plays supermechs so i know it a little bit. Hopefully i will be able to dive deep into this community and become friends with you guys.


Well Welcome To the Sm Forms, @crocamedelian
We are happy to have you here,
Below you will find a list of things that may be helpful to you :wink:

Here you can find mostly every maxed mythical in the game

Here people are willing to help you on builds

Here you can use this app to simulate any mech build you think of thanks to Killin

Here you can show off your mechs and other items you get

Have a great time here on forms :smile: :wine_glass:



Welcome to the forum community, have fun, dont spam topics, post threads that have been done numerous times, or post irrelevant things and you’ll be liked pretty quick

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Oh and watch out for @WinzKay hes a little strange sometimes


XDDDDDDD, That may be true,
Off-topic, I just looked at your profile card XDDDDDDDD
Feel sorry for Seanhoi1870

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Off off topic :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

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welcome to the forums

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Welcome :smiley: You will die here HAHAHA!!!

If you want weird check out @trophy435 's card


I bet i can make a creepyr one
Done Btw
Ima go play undertale Music

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Hello @crocamedelian, Nice to meet you

Welcome to the Forums

Anyway welcome to the forums @crocamedelian

Hey welcome. Enjoy it here…

@WinzKay is not wierd,he is a genius

Most geniuses are weird to normal people

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You don’t know him like I do

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Hello new player. welcome to the place.

Well that’s a nice exaggeration, thank you

Welcome to Supermechs @crocamedelian

We hope you have a great time here! :partying_face:

Weko love to see new user! Weko hope you will enjoy with SM forum! :tada: