Frantic is a great thing.... I lie


you’re probably kidding, now everyone puts this shit and every shot is equal to 600+ damage! below simply does not happen EVER !!!


I just changed the name because it’s Frantic not Frantik


Wakanda Forever.
Sorry I have no idea.


oh yeah, i wanted to collect falcon damage! I collected 5 shots in 1 day, and then I thought - and what will change, the developers do not care about the players!
In general, I collected all the shots that were made, none exceeded 720 dmg!
I remind you, the minimum damage to the physical scope is 716! at the same time, an energy scope always shoots 800+, no, not at a dry opponent. approximately 500-700 energy and 20-80 resist, always 800.
when I got a falcon and I upgrade it up and installed it on the assembly, I went to a few battles for exchange on scopes, mostly energy ones. And I lost fights because of this, because the falcon does less damage than an energy scope in 700 energy and 70-100 resists. since then, the scope on my mech is just an element of intimidation, so that the opponent doesn’t stand in the corner, I will never go to the exchange on the osprey! and frantic, is a skop for 2 uses and a distance of 3-6 with exactly the same damage as a falcon! that’s bullshit!
very rarely does he do less than 750 damage.
compare the parameters. It turns out that the physical scope always shoots the minimum damage, and the power energy scope always the maximum.
A heat scope is rare and when I meet him, he inflicts 650-700 damage, which is also the maximum damage.

can we conclude that Frantic compensates for the meager damage of a falcon? But wait, the heat frantic also 99.9% of all shots beats the maximum damage! What is the reason? Developers want to introduce a new element - something like protection from frantic? may need to remove this nonsense from the game and let people play?


I agree


Shitpost in the right channel next time

Sh!tpost thread

As a person that abuse frantic brute like its my step child , i can confirm frantic brute is as strong as you thought it would be


I hope you wont hate me…

definetly I dont have Frantic Scope…


But really, there are many times when your FB make 70, 80, or 112 damage points, the FB users know what im talking about -.-


you right random damage.


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а если у тебя их два, то ненавидеть буду вдвойне ))


what im mexican :thinking:


with 2 uses…that is not a problem after all


Astro, answer him in spanish :smiley:


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frantic can go nahui.


I got 2 frantic brutes, but as promised to @David_Jojua I’ll only use for emergencies.:grinning:


Ну, я предлагаю использовать их для экстренных случаев, если вы спросите меня, но я получил 2.


зачем нужны экстренные случаи, если вы первым ходом в 145 резиста можете нанести 700+ урона? и следом добавить вторым выстрелом 600+. а потом ещё 2 и вы убили противника с 2500+ хп. зачем экстренные случаи? Все мои противники так и делают. если есть франтик - первый выстрел из него и он всегда 600+.


you have made a good choice mein friend.