For all new players

Will do that today, thanks @Spaddel

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Appreciate the help bro! @lol789

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I’d like your post, but I’m Out of likes.

No problem :’)


I completely agree, this community is a huge part of the game, especially for me and I think it would help get new players engaged as well.


Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: @Cash

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Another supplemental idea: You could link the most interesting topics for further information at the end of your initial post:

An absolute Must-Read:

Super Mechs Forum Rules

Topics with important informations:

~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~
- - - Divine - Stats - Thread - - -
♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)
What's base? Should you enable it?&More informations!
Limited Time Offers (Worth it or Not)
CleverName's drop rates (2020 drop rates)

A good place for questions:

General Thread - Build Help

Not up to date but still interesting:

Top Players Guide! [After SM Reload]
Current meta and how to counter it | Builds based on Epic to Myth items
SuperMechs FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
3v3 Campaign Player Guide/Stats: The Face of Extinction
MechSlayer's Crash Course to SuperMechs
Guide to Substandard Items


Yeah, @lol789 has been doing formatting and helping a lot with this so I asked if he could give me a hand with that part. Thanks Spaddel!


I believe there is a link on the SM website, below the game screen.

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The only way I know is through settings.


I’m rank 12

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Okay, I’ll see what I can do. Are there any specific questions you have right now?

Like what are the types of mechs mentioned before and the strats to use at this time

I use a different website to play. Don’t blame me.

The “type of mech” means which weapons / drone the mech uses. If you use weapons that deal explosive damage, you play a heat mech, if you use weapons that deal physical damage you play a physical mech etc.
What kind of mech you should build depends on the items that you get. If you don’t have any good ideas, check the General Building Help-topic or take a look around the different guides (all linked in the first post) :slight_smile:

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@Spaddel is completely right. If you send us a picture of your inventory, I’m sure that we could help you out. The only problem is that there are a virtually infinite amount of builds, so I could recommend things, but you won’t necessarily be able to create them. Just send pics of your inventory. Also, if you want to try builds with items you dont currently have, I recommend KilliN’s website, This is his new version and I love it so far. So send us inventory pics, and use that as another helpful resource :slight_smile:

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I’d forgotten about that topic I made… gotta update it now! Thanks! :sunglasses:


no i mean like what is a boiler mech?

A boiler mech is a heat mech that uses weapons that focus on heating up the opponent (e.g. Heat Bomb, Crimson Rapture, Corrupt Light, Flaminator,…). These weapons cause more heat for your opponent than for you and/or heat opponents up quite fast. Other heat weapons focus more on dealing damage but heat your opponent up, too (e.g. Desolation, Supreme Cannon, Abomination,…).

@BossParody, you could add such a distinction to your text about heat mechs :slight_smile:


or taking away cooling*