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I decided to create this thread after seeing posts on General Thread - Build Help. I noticed that there are a lot of people on there who ask what seem to be simple questions to the most of us, but understandably confusing for anyone new to the game or someone coming back after a while. I will be updating this thread, and if anyone has any additional items that should be added to the list, please let me know and I’d be happy to add them. Also, if anything is unclear or could be worded/formatted better, let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it . Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Before you start to read, here are some links you can use for your advantage.

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One more note, before you go creating a new thread about why trading should be involved in the game, think hard about it. Would it be fair under any circumstances for all players, and would this be abused by players? If for some reason, you think yes, please read this thread from top to bottom and think again. Try to make trade system become an actual good thing the thread

1 What are the different types of mechs?

- Heat/Explosion:

The job of these mechs is to overheat, and deal explosion damage to your opponent. Heat damage specifically does not reduce your health, however will increase the number in the orange bracket underneath your hp. When your mech has more heat than it’s total capacity, it will overheat. In this instance, your mech will need at least one turn to cool down. Explosion damage is the damage done to hp when you are attacked by any heat weapon.

- Energy/Electric damage (en):

These mechs focus on dealing damage, as well as reducing the energy of a mech. Unlike heat damage, energy damage will do damage to health if the opponents energy gauge is empty. In this case, any remaining energy damage will be diverted into electrical damage. Electric damage on its own will attack the opponents health.

- Phys/Physical:

The job of these mechs is to cause immense amounts of damage to a mech very quickly. Unlike heat and energy damage, physical doesn’t have a secondary effect, but does enough damage to often kill mechs in less turns than the two other types


Hybris are mechs that use weapons of 2 or 3 elements on 1 mech.

Try building a mech that has weapons and utilities that are made of one of the elements listed above. It’s better to be good in one thing than being mediocre to bad at everything.

2 What are the tiers of upgrading?

In this game, all items have a “rarity”. These rarities stretch from common, to divine. The exact order is as follows:

  • Common (grey)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Epic (purple)
  • Legendary (yellow)
  • Mythic (orange)
  • Divine (white)

These legs have a transform range going from common, all the way to divine. The dot which is filled in on the transformation range shows you the current state of your item (in this case its divine).

Transforming/ evolving items
Tier Base requirements Gold requirements Extra requirements
Common level 10 common item 10k gold 2 Common items
Rare level 20 rare item 25k gold 3 Rare items
Epic level 30 Epic item 50k gold 4 Epic items
Legendary level 40 Legendary item 100k gold 5 Legendary items
Mythical ----

Only items that go to Mythical can be divined. If an item doesn’t have a legendary/ yellow dot or a Mythical/ orange dot, it can not be divined.
Unlike Transforming, the Divine-tier focuses on the STARTING tier of the item
Items can only be divined once.
After divineing an item, it doesn’t have to be upgraded anymore. It has reached it’s “MAX” level and the item will gain a white boarder
image image

starting tier Base requirements Gold requirements Relic requirements
common Level 50 Mythical 100k gold 2 GREY relics
rare Level 50 Mythical 250k gold 3 BLUE relics
epic Level 50 Mythical 500k gold 4 PURPLE relics
Legendary Level 50 Mythical 1000k gold 5 YELLOW relics

Divine relics can only be obtained through clan war boxes or in PVP Season Rewards.

3 What items are worth upgrading?

As you progress further in the game, you will start to notice some things about your items. The biggest problem in my opinion is upgrading worthless items. This is an important thing to note, as not all items will reach full potential and be able to hit divine. Items that do not hit divine are almost never worth upgrading for long term use, as they will not be as effective as an item that can transform all the way to divine. The only items that I have found to be useful that max out early are:

  • Teleporters
  • Grappling hooks
  • Iron plates
  • Protectors (savior resistance, heat protector, energy protector, and physical protector)
  • Repulsors

Apart from these, not all items that go to divine are good. Analyzing every item here would take a while and clog it up, so if you are not sure if you should upgrade an item, check out the Maxed Mythicals Listings thread.

4 Base:

Base has been a recent implement to the game, and the community is very divided about it. I personally have not enabled base on either of my two main accounts, because I find that at the beginning, it really slows down process. If you’re new to the game, you weren’t given the option to play the game without base, but since I don’t know enough to give accurate information, I’d appreciate it if a base player could comment what the best strategies are for upgrading, and what to craft in base.

5 Arena:

5.1 Fighting
This is where you are able to test your skill against other pilots by fighting them with your own mechs.
The type of fighting in arena depends entirely on your rank:

As a player from rank 25-20, you will be pitted against other newer pilots in 1v1 fights. In these 5 ranks, you will not lose any ranking from losing a battle.

From rank 20-15, you will still fight in 1v1 battles, but when progressing from now on, you can also drop ranks as well, to a minimum of 20.

From rank 15-6, you will now be fighting 2v2 against other pilots. Once you’ve progressed far in this game, you will eventually be able to hit rank 5 in arena.

When you get to rank 5, you will be unable to drop back down to rank 6 or lower, except for weekly resets. At rank 5-1, the fighting changes every week, between 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1. In 3v3, most mechs are rounded builds. In 2v2, theres a mix between rounders and counters, and in 1v1, most of the matchups will be counters.

5.2 Weekly Reset

When the weekly reset happens, you’ll be rewarded according to the highest rank you’ve achieved THIS season. Arena season are usually 7 days long

This is a picture of the timer which tells you how much longer until the weekly reset will occur. It can be found in the top right corner on the arena screen, right next to your rank. When this reset occurs, you will drop about 2 ranks in arena.

6 Clans

Everything you need to know about clans

6.1 Joining a Clan
New players, do not create a clan. Join one that is relatively full and start there. If you do decided to create one, at least get your arena rank up a little bit first, and go from there. If you are new, you can always join a clan on the recommended clan page (open supermechs and click on clan), or you can find one here on the forums. Just look for one in the clan recruitment category.

6.2 Clan Wars
Once a week, your clan will enter a war. To join a war you must meet two requirements:
-Have a level of at least 50
-Have 3 mechs created

The point of these wars are to fight other clans, and get rewards. The winning team will get a better reward than the one that loses. Each round, you will get 3 chances to attack an enemy team, and there are two rounds of fighting. Essentially, the goal is to deal as much damage to their mechs, and take the least damage in return.

6.3 Titan
A titan is a mech that you will fight with your clan. These come once every week. In the first phase, you must unlock the titan. To do this, you have to get titan tickets, which can be obtained from any side mission during the preparation phase. After unlucking the titan, you and your clanmates will have the remainder of the titan period to deal as much damage, and hopefully kill the titan. The stronger the clan is, the more difficult the titan will be. If you are not in a clan, you can still fight a titan, but it’s much more difficult.

7 Raid

Raid is another aspect of the game that does not require involvement in a clan. Raid occurs every week, and is a chance for a pilot to test their skills against a series of levels, progressing in difficulty. On the raid tab, there is exact information as to what it is.

–Basic Raid Information:

  • A raid lasts 6 days
  • Each difficulty tier gives better rewards and allows gaining a higher score
  • You must win a level to unlock the next difficulty tier for the following day
  • This means that to get to tier 6, you must win every day
  • Only your highest score per tier counts, so feel free to replay to improve your score
  • Your score is the sum of your top scores per tier
  • The higher your score the better your reward
  • Rewards are based on position in the leaderboard and are given at the end of the raid
Some things to note are:

You should aim to get the least amount of damage during raids. Essentially, a perfect score is awarded to a pilot who can defeat an enemy without receiving any damage.
If you still have all your HP and you haven’t taken any damage after finishing all the enemies, you get a perfect score for the day.

Items you can use to improve your score:

  • Protectors are necessary. If you are unsure what type of protectors you should be using, click on the battle tab of raid and look at the mechs. In my opinion, it is worth it to max level at least 1 of each protector for this, even if they only go up to epic. It’ll help you out immensely in raid, and can be useful at lower-mid ranks in arena.
  • Some of the most commonly used raid weapons are Savagery, Valiant Sniper, Heat Bomb, Frantic Brute, and Crimson Rapture. If you don’t have these items, don’t worry about it. Just work with what you have.

For a more in depth analysis of the raid, check out {{Comprehensive Raid Guide}}

8 Farming

If you’ve been around for a little bit, but are still new, you have probably heard other players refer to something called “farming”. In summary, farming consists of repetitively running a campaign mission over and over again to obtain loot like:

  • experience points (EXP/ XP)
  • Gold
  • item boxes (fortune-/ mix-boxes)

Fortune-boxes are the boxes you get after beating a boss for the first time

There are two main levels that are farmed often, that are both useful for different objectives, as well as for players at different parts in the game.

1v1 Overlord’s Den mission 6.

This mission is the 6th mission on the final stage in the 1v1 campaign.

A majority of players will try to farm this on insane, and it’s a very good mission for farming.
It rewards you with a generous amount of EXP, a fair amount of gold and a decent chance of getting a Mix box to upgrade your items for just 5-7 fuel cost depending on the difficulty you’re at.

image image image

It’s one of the fastest and easiest levels to auto and it is therefore, an ideal farming spot.
Personally, I farmed this mission up until level 190 for quick progression.


This is the final level in the 2v2 campaign.

It is probably the most farmed mission by players further in the game. The reason it is farmed is that on top of having a solid gold drop and exp drop, you also have an increased chance to obtain Fortune Boxes.
You should aim to be able to auto this mission on normal mode. It is possible to auto hard mode, but a large amount of Premium-Items are needed for that to happen.

image image

This mission consists of 2 tanks, 2 mechs, and MADBOY, the boss. All mechs are physical, so load up on plates and a physical protector, and it will be a lot easier.

What do I do if I’m not far enough in the game to farm these levels?

If you’re not far enough to farm one of these two levels, I’d suggest working on progression in campaign. If you seem to be stuck on a boss level, be smart about which mods you have equipped, and optimize them for the particular fight. With time and a little bit of effort, you should be able to run OD6 on normal at the very least.

Hope you guys find this helpful, if you have any questions or suggestions of things I should add, please let me know!


so your scarring people away with the great wall of text so htey dont waste there time with this game.
i actually like this topic you cant play a dumb game if your blind

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Uhh what about my brother whos a new player, created a clan so well?

Uhh it only needs 3 mechs doe

3v3: complete rounded builds
2v2: 1 rounded 2 counters en/phys and heat/phys
1v1: 85% counters and 10% rounded 5% cancur

All i can say is start with heat or phys mech. Perfect farming and raid before go arena mech


im just making jokes man you dont have to

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Are you sure about it just being 3 mechs…? I made an alt that was a lower level and it said I couldn’t join because i was less than 50

you both @BossParody and @WTFriday are right -
Sm is a game for learning by doing
(and standing disappointments lol)


90% cancer
99% counter
for 1v1


and leaving because you found out how stupid you were for playing this game

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It would be nice for a mid game guide because it gets very difficult to figure out what to do in midgae so I would be appreciative if you could make one of those

Yeah for sure, I’ll try to get it done in the next couple of days when I have spare time, but are there any specific questions you had until then? Also what rank are you in arena right now, just want to understand what you mean by “midgame” @Vindem

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You could add infos farming and raid :slight_smile:

Also, is there any kind of strategy or tactics in clan wars? I didn’t find infos on this so far…

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nope not really, the best advice I can give you is that you make a discord server for your clan.

Then when someone makes their first fight against an opponent they can screenshot their stats. It’s an easy way to find counters and destroy them to get higher score in the second battle round