Community Resources/Helpful Links

We don’t have a useful links thread that I’m aware of and a lot of the useful threads are never seen by new players. And it’s nice to just have to bookmark one thread anyways.

Community Resources:

Maxed Mythicals Thread - This is a Listing of all Mythical Items at their maximum stats.
Divine Stats Thread - Listing of Divine item stats maintained by @Ricemech88
Workshop Unlimited - @KilliN’s Mech Builder Simulator
Titan Stats Megathread - Find information on the various Titans (Clan Challenges)
Power Boost Chart - A chart (and calculations) of the power needed to upgrade items of various tiers of rarity to their maximum levels.

3v3 Campaign - Guide/Stats for the 3v3 Campaign: The Face of Extinction
MechSlayer’s Crash Course to SuperMechs - A community member’s quick guide to supermechs.
Returning Players Guide - Been gone for a year or so? Read this guide aka don’t trash these legacy items. (This guide needs to be rewritten, it’s dated but has some useful info still)
FAQ Thread - Read Frequently Asked Questions, and ask your own questions here.
Farming Guides - Farming suggestions for gold/items/xp. Read the OP’s guide and offer your own feedback!

Community Advice Threads

The Build Help Thread - Discuss builds and ask for help here.
What should I Myth Next Thread - Put your “what should I myth next” questions here.
Meta Thread: How to Balance Your Weapon, Torso, or Leg Idea

Post it Threads:

Flex Thread - Brag about any of your supermechs stuff here.
Flex Thread 2 - The New Bragging Thread
Flex Thread 3 - The Newest Bragging Thread
I finally Mythed it Thread - Post your newly made mythical items here.
I finally Maxed it Thread - Post your newly Maxed item here.

Other Links:

Youtubers Listing Thread - List of players who have Supermechs Youtube Videos
Forum Rules - You should have seen this because it’s stickied at the top of the forum. Come on.
News Forum - Where devs post announcements (usually)

Future Links:
Other Links that would be good to have or for someone to write/share:
Comprehensive Raid Guide
Community Hosted Tournaments/Contests Threads
Beginners Guide
Arena Guide/Arena Build Guide - Really, just some decent early level builds - and how to counter them.
Campaign Guide
Best place to spend Tokens Guide


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I’ll add more links tomorrow. Keep ideas coming though.

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I find this page useful, but I do’nt know if it’s worth posting in main post ^^



This one deserves a revive


Is Heat Bomb Random Or After A Certain Area

Added 3v3 Campaign Guide: The Face of Extinction
3v3 Campaign Guide



I’ve been told players aren’t seeing this thread, appears the “sticky” was lost, so bumping it up as still being pretty relevant.


Might be time to update this, but I keep seeing posts or people in-game from people who can’t find guides , stat listings, or the useful forum threads. So bump.


Yesterday I was consulting the maxing myth list … I had trouble finding it, because is very low.

It has always been a bedside guide to build or to know what I need. I have it marked, but still appears very below.

Thank you @Andernut!

Added my thread for new weapon ideas since its a decently helpful link that contains advice from myself.



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