BattleDawn Academy (Adopt-A-Newb Centre)

Want to learn the game? Need some experience? Tired of getting conquered?

If that describes you, you’re at the right place!
At the Battle Dawn Academy we will try to help you as much as we can. We will assign you a mentor who will teach you the basics of the game, give some tips and tricks and answer any questions that pop in your mind.

All you need to do is join our discord here and copy & paste the application form below into the discord group and fill it in!

Language preferred:
Discord (optional but highly recommended):
Skype (in case you don’t have Discord):
Experience/Years played:
Extra info (optional):

Feel free to join our Discord server:
In our discord server you can; Ask questions to mentors or other players, get recruited into an alliance or just hang out and talk with others.

Apply to be a mentor

Want to help out the newbies? Or return the favour, which a mentor once did to you?
Do you love BattleDawn, speak the English language fluently, and know every little detail about the game?
Then apply to become a mentor!

(In-Depth knowledge of the game is necessary)

Fill the following form out and send it to @EnerGY or @Elcent to be reviewed and possibly accepted:

Note: You MUST PM the form either on forums or on Skype. Posts in this or any other thread will be ignored.

Mentor application form:
In game name (IGN)/ Name:
Experience/Year you joined BD:
Timezone (in GMT please):
Language(s) you could mentor in:
Contact details including Skype & Discord username:
Why you want to be a mentor:
Why we should accept you as a mentor:
How much time are you willing to invest in the mentor system:
Any extra Info you would like us to consider:

Discord is now required for all mentors. Interviews will also be conducted on discord.

History of AANC/BDA

The Adopt-A-Newb center was originally founded and created by Venstro. It was then updated for the use of the new client by Jasper Alexander with help from Gene Wilder and Evan, recently run by Tom & W1ll and currently run by @Jaymah, @EnerGY & @Elcent.

Got questions about the Adopt-A-Newb Centre, complaints about a mentor, or found any errors in the thread?
please contact @Elcent

Complaints about the current system, or about the current heads of the program? please contact @Malicewolf

Please remember that the BattleDawn Academy is run 100% by volunteers.


Well I have learnt the game. New bit of polish about Armies, Amour, damage, range uses extra. R4,R5 etc.
Tricks and stuff
Thus, I would like to join as :sweat_smile:
I was part of the first NCRa era, But couldn’t dedicate much time :frowning: But now I can so.
Name - Mann
Time zone - IST (+5.30 GMT)
Skype - dreameroftm
Current playing world ( mainly ) - E1 (IGN- MANN) , F1 (IGN - Butter Popcorn)
Preferred Mentor - @Malicewolf ( Since I know him due to the NCRa) Or else anyone. Who can :slight_smile:

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Guys, please leave this post alone with the jokes, etc etc. We are taking the AANC very seriously here to help new players out. Not to jokingly rip on players within the AANC. Please keep your jokes out of this topic. Thank you :slight_smile:

Also note; Energy, Elcent and I are not personally mentoring atm. Their priority right now is to get the ensure AANC is fully functioning and organized. Once the dust has settled, we may assist pending on needs :slight_smile:


This is no joke though, this is a genuine request :confused:

Name- Swagger
Language- English
Timzone- GMT
Skype- live:ya.2016
Extra info- Everyone thinks Im a noob so…
Current worlds- chilling on E3 n E5
Current igns- secret :stuck_out_tongue:
Experience- since 2012ish but still a noob, need to learn basic tricks so I can avoid getting trapped by everyone and being a noob.
Preferred mentor- EnerGY but since hes unavailable can Psi teach me pls


I can take care of Swagger!
Any questions you might have with regards to how you can avoid getting trapped or anything else that poses you problems, hit me up on Skype. You have it.


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Name: Solaris
Language preferred: English
Timezone: UTC +03:00
Skype (Optional but highly recommended): [email protected]
Extra Info (Optional): I played a little bit before in the past .
Current worlds playing: Earth 4 (Event)
Current in game name(s) used: sad , Arty , Solar Flux
Experience/years played: 1 (In the past)
Preferred mentor (Optional): N/A

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I’ve added you on Skype (Milan), when you accept my invite we can add you into the general chat :slight_smile: Great to hear you’re playing E4, we’re going to have mentors in every team so it’s the perfect event for this.


Name: SpriNG (IGN)
Language preferred: English .-.
Timezone: GMT +5
Skype (Optional but highly recommended): nath.joe1 (ID)
Extra Info (Optional): I suck.
Current worlds playing: E2, E3, F1, F2, E4.
Current in game name(s) used: SpriNG, Ruffy.
Experience/years played: Not much, just that.
Preferred mentor (Optional): Nope.

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Name: Germanicus
Language preferred: English or Spanish
Timezone: UTC -4
Skype: shark.striker
Extra Info (Optional): I forgot everything
Current worlds playing: E2, F2
Current in game name(s) used: Germanicus
Experience/years played: 2 years off and on
Preferred mentor (Optional): Nope.

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Name: Fang456
Language preferred: English
Timezone: GMT
Skype (Optional but highly recommended): [email protected]
Extra Info (Optional):
Current worlds playing: None as I don’t know what to do
Current in game name(s) used: Fang456
Experience/years played: 5 Years on SM none on Battledawn
Preferred mentor (Optional): I don’t mind
E4 Alliance (Optional): Whats this?

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Added you on Skype! #20

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Name: Varidhish
Language preferred: English
Timezone: gmtn+ 5 30
Skype (Optional but highly recommended): varidhish
Extra Info (Optional): Used to play bd, need someone to refresh everything and update me with the new stuff
Current worlds playing: e1, e2, f3 all just watching
Current in game name(s) used:
Experience/years played: don’t remember
Preferred mentor (Optional):

P.S. This isn’t a joke I’m actually looking for a mentor


Name: Zachariah Laugen (laugen24)
Language preferred: English
Timezone: UTC-7
Skype (Optional but highly recommended): hardcorebuzzman
Extra Info (Optional): Need someone to help me figure out how to become a better, more experienced player.
Current worlds playing: Fatasy 2
Current in game name(s) used: buzzman96, laugen24
Experience/years played: ~6 months collectivly
Preferred mentor (Optional): none

In Game Name - Albert Einstein (Fantasy 2)

Age : 13 Years old, reading in 9th Grade.

Experience/Year you joined BD - 2013 (Proof - registration date of my old account with username - anishmal on old forums)

Timezone(In GMT Please) : GMT + 5.30 (India)

Language(s) you could mentor in: English, Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, Spanish and Urdu (You may think I can use Google Translator. So, proof is you need to enter a skype call with me to know the genuineness!)

Skype ID - facebook:app7ico3svc.2quilcg4mj.

Discord ID - anishmal

Why you want to be a mentor: I am done with eras. Lot of backstabs and haters so maybe, start afresh

Why we should accept you as a mentor: Just talk to me once, you will get immediate idea of my experience level!

How much time are you willing to invest in the mentor system : 24 hours every day, like I play BD.

Any extra Info you would like us to consider: Yeah, don’t mind my views on Adolf Hitler. Human beings vary in their opinions and I have the right to believe what I want, The judgements and verdicts of a person are according to his view of this world!

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name:Yahia khaled
Language preferred: English (german/arabic if the mentor prefers so)
Timezone:GMT+5 but it wont really matter in the summer
Discord: yahiakh #5768
skype: [email protected]
Extra info: i figured since swagger is applying why not. Also i cant play till after 8th of june
Current worlds playing: none got finals here people
Experience/Years played: i used to play this 5 to 6 years ago but i was too young to understand anything just began to realize how to play the game and the basic stuff lately
Preferred mentor (optional): anyone would prefer Fluffeh or guarav if theyre ok


@Alexander, I was just scrolling through and found this.

I don’t remember if you publicized this on the actual game, but you should idk maybe code an automated message like you did with the raze OP achievement and get people to come to the BDA? Forgive me for saying this but its been a little dead lately… :confused:


Pinned at the top of Q & A for a year to help people find.

Language preferred: English
Discord (optional but highly recommended):
Skype (in case you don’t have Discord):captianash1
Extra info (optional):i am total noob who played when i was a kid only realized basic stuff like last month
Current worlds playing: none- i got exam will be playing from July onwards
Current in game name(s) used: Cpt Ash , ASH, Captian Ash
Experience/Years played: 5 or more years cant remember i play on and off so yea
Preferred mentor (optional): none

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