Ask Questions and Give Answers about Yourself or Someone Else

Hello everyone.Today i have prepared some amaizing topic that you can do intresting stuffs.
Introducing the:

Q&A About anyone!

In here you can ask anyone questions about him/her and hope for an answer.
You can ask about life,games,riddles,choices…ANYTHING
Whenever you want to ask a question be sure to tag the person you want to ask so they can answer…(Well uhh…they don’t have to…)
You also need to say who did you questioned to…No tag needed if you want to question everyone,just say ‘‘to everyone’’
If you want to ask question but you really don’t want to hear it,then just say ‘‘Don’t have to awnser’’

Rules are simple:

  1. No fighting!
  2. Don’t talk something that much big,it will pretend into an other topic!
  3. No spaming!
  4. Polls are allowed!
  5. Multiple questions are allowed!
  6. Duplicate questions are allowed,but make sure that you are avilable same questioning when 24 hours is over.
  7. Do not roleplay!

Everyone is of course welcome!

That’s all! Enjoy the Q&A!


Oh and your truly will wait for your questions (Jokes are allowed lol)

Feel free to change any of it back if needed xD

Also to start us off…
@The_Yo_Yo_Man What are you having for dinner today? anything nice?


Thank you for fixing it lad!

A:I have eaten alredy xD
I eated some fish and french fries.Oh and some Spaniach
It was amaizing.


what is your favourite number & color?

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A:My fav number is 18.And my fav colour is red.(oh and blacc but it’s not a colour)

Also question for you…
Q:Were do you live?

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My favourite colour is green.

Q:Is that because you got your mech green?

No, my mech is black lol.

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Lol i love that colour.

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I’m going to paint my mech the green color lol but no tokens.

Kek Oh crap.

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Anyone who read dis:
Premium box or colour kits.

You have to say '‘to everyone’'
You must say who did you questioned to.

A:Premium pack if you want to git gud

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Questions for me? 20202020

Q:What is your fav food?

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Burek :yum: :yum: :yum:


xD ok Not sarcasm

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What software do you use for editing your videos?

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CyberLink PowerDirector 16.