Zombie factions (new event idea)

Right so the MT was talking and I came up with a new idea.

What if we combine something thats cool from BD years back and something that was hella controversial.

Introducing Zombie Factions :slight_smile: (wcgr)

World start:
24 hour pause while everyone plants
24 hour pause as everyone gets moved into alliance (8-10 of them), During this 24 hour pause relocation is free and instant. It is advised the leaders discuss locations with other teams to spread out fairly.

Start of ticks:
2-3 of the alliances are suddenly zombie alliances, They are merged into 1 team and can work together. The other 6-8 have to survive against these 2 alliances.

If the zombies manage to conquer the leader of an alliance the whole team gets moved over to the zombie team!

Each time a team gets taken over by the zombies the other teams will gain relics that are assigned to the leader with permanent protection. This will give a 20/20 resource boost to each team. Teams that turn into zombies will lose their relics.

End game:
1000 tick limit.
If any alliances remain each member gets 100 blues * relics owned.
A zombie gets 1000 blues for conquering a leader.
If the zombies win the alliance gets 100 blues * Leaders killed by the original alliance!

The admin will balance the income of each side using crystals that can be given or taken! Rank does not make a difference for this game type!

All of these ideas are a WiP, scroll down to vote on polls to decide the rest.

The map will of course be Earth tho!

Game balancing may be done with resource costs to build out posts / nukes etc


Number of total factions

  • 8 Factions
  • 9 Factions
  • 10 Factions
  • Other number/idea (state below)

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Number of factions that become zombies

  • 2 Factions
  • 3 Factions

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  • Tick limit at 1k
  • Tick limit at 1.5k
  • Tick limit at 2k
  • No tick limit

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  • Faction becomes zombies after leader gets conquered
  • Faction becomes zombies after alliance relic/op is taken
  • Other idea (list below)

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Zombies get increased res at the start? [poll type=regular public=true]

  • Yes
  • No
  • 2 ticker
  • 3 ticker
  • 4 ticker

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Loved this event back in the day, would love to see it again.

But instead of factions randomly becoming zombies I think everyone should begin as humans, and the original zombies will be an admin team. This way all of the players get a chance instead of automatically being on the zombie side and the admins get to have a bit of fun as well.

Sweet, with one remark: Put me in charge and join me randomly so I can kick you out again. :golfer:


The reason this should be leader is that a player can have a shield and relocate. An out posts is stationary and has no shield :confused: and a relic is not very fast or could be put in an unreachable place.

Bumping this to see what y’all still think about it

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nice and good but no point in any event before MAY cause most asians are busy with school stuff during this time , so it will just be a waste of time.

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Yup same here…:slight_smile:

Would love to see some kind of event or what not to spice things up a bit


Anything during Summer should be ideal

More people = More Chaos


Would say some time around june