Zombie Event Idea


BD must start a Zombie event, Decide winning between to faction human and Zombie,
Example = first tick, admin choose 1 player to be zombie, every player attack that spread zombie pop to other colony if zombie pop is higher than human pop, then the colony start to being zombie colony
zombie colony can be human colony if human attack zombie colony,
I think this evet is out mind and many out here think i am is stupid :rage:
yea i think this event will never be accepted cause needed some hard scripting :disappointed_relieved:
cause this event need advance script that make BD harder to add it on server :sweat_smile:

Sorry bad grammar = if you dont understand ill delete this Topic :slight_smile:

Battle Dawn: Zombie Mode

Oh like zombie havocs of the past? There would be colonies that would leave protection at havoc and fight the rest of the world for fun. That was a fun event and I would like to see it come back someday :smiley:


Sounds cool! Maybe @Theo or @admin_joe have something to say here? :slight_smile:


Don’t be too harsh on yourself mate! Always feel free to post ideas and don’t get discouraged! I’ve posted about trying out a zombie event as well in the past :slight_smile: Tweaking may need to occur to fit into what the admin’s could possibly do to make it work, but never say never :slight_smile: