Zarkares torso changed

Parts that were same with scorching feet got changed and i think this

“mouth thing” wasn’t there before, any changes to epic and myth?

Any stat changes?


Nope, its just the same. Your models look a little odd, but all stats are unchanged as of now.

Mythical looks the same, same stats

no changes for me :confused:


Yep! Good eye. Pic on left was taken yesterday night. Right was taken just now. Looks like more black and a few red detail changes.

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My 3 Zarkares look exactly the same, there are no changes. Even one that I don´t have maxed. Without changes.

Ad @Lead2Head said, it is a little darker (lets call it “more black”) and kinda “more red”. Looks waaaay better. I’d like all my items less glosy :slight_smile:


Same here, I kinda like the face makeover.

I think this small chane is for mobile…

fyi i love the old version more

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it looks different in android versions

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