Zarkares + scorching feet or


with this build, should i use scorching feet + zark or devouring paws + brutality?



You are acctualy making rocket king!

It’s amaizing! But all you need it Ambonation…Keep it as it is.

(Also are you smurfing? Don’t do it. Everyone will be mad.)


yup :slight_smile: thanks


and no im not smurfing… just using the last words atm since i fused away my terror cry :S (temp fix for abomination…)


anyone who has been blessed with a claw and does not use it on any of their mechs is officially dead to me.

don’t @ me.


I have been planing on making the rocket king soon because i have all the items needed for it.


Nope, that’s not a smurf.In case of making this build in a f2p manner,Terror Cry is accepted,same goes for LW.
Use whatever pair of legs but keep Zarkares.It is a little heavier but provides around 100 extra health,heat and cooling.


I’m probably underestimating the claws power, am I?



it has the best hp of any item in the game.

I’m sure you’ve heard or saw all the complaining about premium HP modules, well, this item is even better than those for HP.

it outclasses everything.

it is the L-M item to have.

I spent over £110 trying to get one (about a quarter of all the money in my bank account at the time) and there one is, sitting in your inventory gathering dust.

it triggers me.


well, i got it from the heat bomb portal


everything you say enrages me further.


in my first month of playing


stop talking.


…didnt spend a dime


how do I block someone on this forum?


I got one when I reached lvl 110 XD


Why you reviving topics friend? you don’t see the day it were posted?


Sorry, I was just looking for a topic about the Scorching Feet. And then I saw the stuff about The Claw and I just had to join in.


if you want to use the claw, you will have to add range 1 weapon with push back ability such as reckoning, heat hammer or axe.


I know. I have a Claw. I was just aiming a joke at Misfit.