Z-Pinch, new weapon Idea


Here something that I had to just get it off my mind.

Z-Pinch: The Z-pinch would be a common item. It be a special item. Would have no upgrades. You would be able to put it in any slots of special items. It basically replaces them. It would cost energy, yet not that much. "It basically shuts down your opponents mech for one turn." They basically loose a turn. The downside of this item, is that it does no damage. This is an item that you would have to use in a “smart” way. The smart way would be when opponent got overheated and lost a turn, use it after that. The same with energy. When they loose there energy, use it after that. Now this also benefits your opponent if use on them. How? Here a question: What happens when you shut down something? It basically is rebooted. Well, your opponent is rebooted of energy full and completely cooled. Not over heated. So they basically loose one turn, well actually two. Each person gets two hits when it’s there turn. So, this weapon has to be use in a smart way.


Heat bomb but better lmao


Yea, You can use heat bomb and they loose a hit in a turn. But, there are players that have over 300 or more heat, and 300 or more energy. That heat bomb does not stop much nor the energy one. Mostly one hit in there turn. The Z-pinch, they loose a full two hits.


so, the Z-Pinch will remove an action point from a mech for 1 turn?
yup, I like it.


Z-Pinch is a special item,right?

So it needs to be used in the teleport option?


A Z-move i like it !!


@kathdruth yes one turn.

@Yas999, yes it is a special Item. More like any special item. Teleport, charge, or grappling.