[YouTube] Tight heat vs heat battle

Hi guys,

I switch to a heat mech and am having decent success with it on ladder. Here is a fun battle I had a short while ago.

This time I captured on PC with obsstudio. What do you think?


that’s a great video, dude. did you capture by going into full screen mode or did you crop the footage? i’ve done both, more satisfied with the cropped footage as it doesn’t have black borders above and below.

i have this option in Yandex Browser.
or just download Swf Opener.

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I wasn’t aware Yandex have their own browser. is it any good? or based on another browser?

I used the special link in the video contest page ( http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/super-mechs-video-contest/8145 ) together with going fullscreen in chrome