YouTube Thread ( Elcent added A Poll )

Alright so I am getting a lot of hate because I post my videos on the forums.
My idea is there should be a YouTube Thread. Notice how there are other forums with YouTube threads.

Short Answer: A Place to Showoff your YouTube videos

  • This is a great Idea! (/This way I can mute this area if not interested)
  • I hate this idea and left a reason why below.

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Poll added by Elcent


couldn’t you just have made the youtube showcase thread instead of a suggestion that someone else should?

I think he wants a YouTube catergory rather than a thread


fair enough, I think you’d need Alex to sort that kind of thing out, might be tricky to do once the forum’s already created.

It’s not hard to do. However this decision would be up to @Sarah247


My other thread was closed but I’m also giving this another bumb.

The ppl on the forum already knows how to play … I don’t understand the use of having a video showing someone else max their torso, or sometime else, I just don’t get the point, that’s why I voted no

It’s just my opinion, because the poll asked why

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To me, it just is a paradox. The rules of society and human nature will chain people down, further encumbering them. This will not help anyone in the long run. I cannot make people understand, nor can they bring themselves to do it either.

To think my ramblings insane would be to take one step further from understanding how the universe truly works…

There is other people that upload Supermech videos other then myself
and the poll is for a YouTube category where you can post your videos.

More absurd is your comment but forgive my tone but suppose that someone who does not play this game watch a video and if you like the game that will happen? will enter the game !! 5 new people in this game grab the difference the videos of SM asen that you get popurality do not understand !?