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Maybe encourage stuff like this with cough cough "Rewards"
More people will try and helps spread the word.

If stuff like this gets more common. Make the award bigger and harder to get like
A video with 1k Likes/subs

On a side note, why does BattleDawn not have a Youtube Vid’s corner like SM? @Alexander
Just wondering, i thought both forums were same with the sections.


We’ve tried, practically no one did it and we gave up many years ago back when we were at our prime. I doubt it’d be better now. Additionally keep in mind it comes at a risk of people not doing it because they like it, but for a reward, and being disappointed and angry when they don’t get one. We’ve had that happen on a few other projects, including SM’s old videos.

Finally, likes are a bad indicator same for subs. After all, this fine content currently has almost none, yet if I turn on a bot it’ll fill up real quick. :slight_smile:

Because, while some videos can be interesting to the community, most people don’t feel like making (or watching) era’s that take months and are make or break based on communications many would not feel comfortable about having shared.

SuperMechs is a very fitting game for YouTube. BattleDawn unfortunately isn’t. Doesn’t mean there can be no content for Battle Dawn, but it’d be a bit depressing to dedicate an entire category over <10 videos over the course of 11 years, of which for several we’ve held contests etc etc with handsome rewards for them.

– Mind if I move this to a PM thread or another topic by the way? I don’t mind the discussion, but I am not keen on dilluting this topic, which I quite like :slight_smile:


No problem.
And i get what you mean :smiley: