Youtube Links on Forum


Dunno why everytime I click on a youtube link on the forum it shows a black square instead of the video :confused:

Any idea why?


@alexander @malicewolf

if you face any problems in game or on forum which you think is a bug tag these 2 guys.


Tagging Josh really makes no sense there, I mean, he’s a nice guy but he doesn’t have admin access or anything to the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your browser? It might be too old or have some wierd security setting.


Noticed how quick you received help after I told to tag Alex.? Just 2 mins & you got alex assisting you.


I though he had mod powers?


Yeah but doesn’t help him with issues like this. And so do the mods of course. :slight_smile:

And hey, I am a stalker what can I say.

But Discourse uses a system called OneBox for these amazing link magics. If it doesnt work it usually means either your browser is too old/incompatible or some kind of security plugin/antivirus thinks its bad news.

I personally recommend Google Chrome or its nicer newer little brother, Vivaldi.


how much were u paid to promote it on the forums?


Lol its Chrome is that old?


What he means is that it might need to be updated :slight_smile:


The links are working now :slight_smile: