[YouTube] Close Ladder Battle

Hi guys,

Iā€™m fairly new to this game (been playing for about 2 months). Just had a very exciting game on ladder, so I tried my luck to upload it to youtube.

What do you think about my build and the match? For some reason my mech is all white in the video, its not like that (I wish :slight_smile: )

I used AZ Screen Recorder to record my android device, not very happy with the quality. Any ideas to improve?


1 HP survive , nice :robot:

Scr Pro best for me, but you must have root for extended functional

I recommend editing in Adobe After Effects.
You can add color correction, crop video and etc.


Sony vegas ftw u adobe scrub (no offence)

If your videos about minecraft, sony vegas good for you

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Thanks for the tips about editing :slight_smile: