Youtube can be so full of mean guys

So I loaded up youtube, and I see one of my favourite channels with 3.3 million subs. “15 seconds ago.” And I’m like: any comments? (none)
me: comments “first” as fast as I can
me: expresses excitement

Then I wait 1 hour, and this is what happened

I made a mistake, and all these people are criticizing me and stuff. I tried to respond as nicely as possible. At least Subla Kuty was nicer

And after what happened, I am never going to try that again, and it is mostly not because I probably won’t comment first.

Me on the outside: :sunglasses::smirk:
Me on the inside: :confounded::angry:


nah they are just kid who can’t get first comment xD

But yeah noone fucking care kid.

Lmao you just summarized some of the salt threads

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Show me that video and I will show them.

They’re just a bunch of losers with nothing else to do.

If you want to you can delete your comment, and those hate comments will blink out of existence as well, but you will lose your early comment.

youtube is mean

and i like it

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are you that ignorant to the internet?
people are toxic deal with it, if you get mad they get what they want ignore it

edit your comment into something completely different so they’re raging at nothing and post the update

I should start making content again sometime,
I know, i should make a Topic About It!

do it pls

Mane I mean I hate the “first” comment but without using the hate comment.
The reason why I don’t do youtube comment lol


This, is a great idea.

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“First” and claiming to be first posting a comment is part of the cringe culture and even I hate it because it gives no relevant contribution to the convo and is only looking for acknowledgement

Honestly I’m glad people roast people for saying that

People are free to post whatever in the comment section, as long as it is not an ad, not hateful, not harmful to others.

I’m going to go to every new topic and reply “first” even if I’m not first

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Destruction never knew that he wasn’t first.

But you knew, so you shouldn’t post “first.”

Knew what

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It is okay to post “first” when you are first, or if you think you are first. Knowing you aren’t first and just spamming wouldn’t be right.