Your trusty ol' campaign mech

On a typical boring day, so bored that a corgi isn’t even a source of entertainment, then decided to grind in campaign, what would your mech be like?

Here’s mine:

I know I know, dual swords is one of the most stupid builds in SM. But it works for trolling “BIGBOY” :joy:

“If it’s stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid.”

Well, don’t count the campaign mech’s opening up a really strong heat shield when you’re using a heat mech, that’s just plain stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Before I forget, here’s its stats:

So yeah, that’s pretty much about it. Post your own campaign mech down below, to spice things up. :slight_smile:

And also a way to start up the general discussion part of this lovely forum. :smiley:


How in the world did you end up with 1k HP?

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It’s simple.

My Lava Scope is level 11. So that’s 380+50 = 430. Then I’m using… 3 Platinum Skeleton III’s (903=270) 2 Advance Armor Plating V’s (80=160) and one of those +84 armor plates. Last, the Cannon Feet which gives me 72 hp. :slight_smile:

So… 430+270+160+84+72 = 1016

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not as good as yours, but alright, i guess


@Kaen I understand that you are starting and that is low rank, you can put together this much … it is very effective. :wink:

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Here’s mines :smiley:

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Sheeesh, you guys are amateurs.

The sword isnt fused but honestly u dont need it to be. I just overheat the sh*t of them, i only get hit on their first move and very, very, very, very rarely ever after that. I always finish with at least 800 HP from even the hardest missions.
This is easily the most effective. Im shocked no one else has posted it. It’s always been my go-to campaign killer. I use it cuz its the fastest way to finish almost any mission.

some of us here are poor and dont have god mode or those leg things


The main thing u need is 2 lavaspray.
Ive seen countless f2p players who have oodles of em.

well how about this “Cancer” campaign grinding for SM budget build? …

base minimum:

1 repair drone
1 diamond shell
2x White/Black Hole blasters
2x Blue Shredder Beams
1x Push (for crowd control on ranges <= 2)

the rest is optional and based on weight and personal preferences ofc…

Play guide:
1st move drone out …
2nd move shield on …
3rd … xx move keep them away with your side and top weapons
use your Push only to get out of trouble (when a mech is beside you or in <=2 range so you cannot shoot them)

rinse and repeat …


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I have almost the same as “Dead_Inside” yet not using God Mode for Overlord’s Den. This is my design:

Does the job. Don’t need God Mode for the job.

I use god mode cuz i have 3 of em fully fused.
But again they barely hit u so GM isnt needed at all

Update: What do you think of this?

Making these “cancer” builds on campaign mostly works but very tiring and time consuming. It took me like 40 moves just to kill BIGBOY in last mission with my Knockback build.

Well it is an easy to build type of mech…

And although it is time consuming it lets new players breaze through campaign Missions.

And that is what makes it useful and not the best time based farming build

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Hey…what about this OP mech?

Heat version of the most OP electric mech in the game :wink:

Also it uses Heat Eruptor.

Just stick 1 or 2 Lava Sprays on your mech and you’re all set for campaign. :wink:


does some1 know how to post pictures in the forums? ( i’m using a mobile device )

Welp, this is offtopic but I’ll help you bEcAuSe i’M A GeNerOUs perSoN

Download the image you want to post and tap “Upload” at the lower right corner of the screen :slight_smile:

I used this in almost all campaign :joy: