Your torso could attack


So the type of torso you have the type damage it will do
For heat your torso would shoot a missle
For energy your torso would shoot a blue beam
For phy it would shoot what the terror cry shoots
No knock back
The range 2-4 I have not really thought it out
It’s like the stomp not to over powered

  • Yes
  • No
  • Great idea but no
  • Greta idea let’s but it into sm

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Add any fixes you want


What would be the damage pls tell me :upside_down_face: If it is as strong as a Nightfall or Abomination I will so no


At max myth 175-200 just numbers I thought would work


Umm… Probably just the same damage as Bloodweep is fine… OR at least the same damage as Void.

Also they have to be heavier than regular torsos.


Yall heard of this thing called charge?

Yeah thats torso damage :upside_down_face:


so like a stomp with different animation effects?