Your thoughts on the game itself

This question is for everyone , do you enjoy the game even when your poured money into it to get good items like plat plates ? Do you have fun with a fully fused mech with all the OP weapon in game and satisfied with what the game give you in return ? Do you find the reward in campaign satisfy your for spending hours grinding for ?..etc , feel free to comment below


Well I am exceptionally… kinda angry on the game when all my progress in one of my accounts was… deleted for some reason. I didn’t do anything :confused:

I personally still enjoy this game (despite spending way too much money on it). I don’t have any platinum plates, just a decent pile of L-M items, and maybe half my mech is mythic now. Not my favorite game by a long shot, but overall I’ve had a fairly good experience and expect to continue enjoying it for a while.

P.S. This forum definitely helps with that.

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I personally still like it despite the uselessness of the items that i spent money to get :slight_smile:

im getting 6 maxed mechs and im leaving lmao

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I can’t lie but my sec acc was created 2 weeks ago and i am doing pretty good so yeh.

2 weeks? Damn that’s good


I know right? Just like my 1st acc (too bad i lost it). thanks to my Banshee

How you lost it tho?

Ugh…Thanks to facebook i lost my acc so good


Can’t really say that I can ever fully enjoy it without modding a single player desktop version of the game.

I suppose that anybody would say that the game is recovering and that … but the mythic legend is not yet easy … I think that for that very reason they were the update … maybe it is avarice … anyway … as many players hang on a thread that keeps playing … another bad update and I’ve given him my 100% tolerance update … but sometimes …

I believe that questions have several answers.

If I like the game … yes, although the campaign is boring, pvp is more entertaining.

If I like to spend money to get something … I think no one likes to take out wallet, but this paying by chance is a kind of vice. It’s a vice, really.

Have a completely fused mech, of course! Especially if it´s achieved honestly. It takes so long to fuse a mech … it’s a reward for effort (you feel something special that cheaters will never be able to feel).

To have a mech with all OP, is to have had luck in chance. It’s like going to casino and winning.

The reward in the campaign is very poor. And the campaign is boring (I already said it)


I only login to farm, and then I’m gone.

same…except I also do my daily missions as well

game should be more sexually and avaiable in VR.

Am I right? @Zarkares


No, really, you’re not… VR maybe, but PG-13 stuff doesn’t belong here or in the game, thanks.

Mechs with boobs? Sing me up

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And why not? Zarkares is clearly masculine, windigo is pregnant and brutality is female (so … with that mane in the wind …)


And other one that has horns (now I don´t remember the name) … that’s Windigo’s husband …