Your regrets (Limit)


What are your regrets in playing Supermechs?

My regrets are:
Maxing Interceptor
Maxing Mercy
Not farming enough in the early days
Making Sweetie myth
Spending a small sum of tokens on premium boxes only to receive epics
And. . .
Being stupid when making moves and developing strategy.

Those are mine, what are yours?


Mine is Maxing out Nightmare Torso so far…


Mine is ever spending on this game, if only I had Brave Frontier when I had those Google play cards


Not knowing how fusing and transforming works after reloaded so i wasted a lot of legacy myths on trash items (didn’t have a single maxed myth in a long time)

Trying to max 3 mechs at the same time instead of just one at a time

Opening 125 premium packs before i found out that your level makes a difference what your chances of getting legendaries is and if you can get any modules (got 0 hp plates or good modules) and opening them before the xp update during which everyone went up a bunch of levels

Spending any money on this game at all and using the tokens here instead of on BD

Playing this game at all (i deleted it now so its all good)

Spartan carnage

My biggest regret is maxing grimreaper when i had no plat plates, then realizing I should get a torso with more hp, then maxing brutality. Soon after that i realize windigo was actually better and it was also going to make me use my entire 1000kg space, but then being to lazy to actually do it because at that point I’ve already maxed two torsos, so now i have a max myth grim just sitting in my inventory, waiting for a plat plate. And a legendary windigo torso lvl 1 that i find myself too lazy to max or myth.

Oh well, guess that happened. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Mine was never checking the weapons that could be upgraded to the next grade, like when I tried to upgrade the flamethrower on epic rank when it couldn’t be. I wasted to many resources.


My biggest regret was me browsing my App Store while I was still working in 2015, saw Supermechs, went “Hey, didn’t I play this game like 3 years ago?”. I got curious and downloaded it. Biggest regret.


laugh out loud…


:question: wow :question:


And here I thought mercy was worth while, but this bad RNG thing really makes me not try for it. Lame

Also @Kaen from what I can tell, level has NO effect on drops. It’s really just based on pure stupid luck. Like I’ve said else where, lvl 20 alt, plat plate, ash etc. Just pray you have god tier luck next time you open some packes lmao


the only thing I regret is allowing petty rivalries to influence my treatment of others.


Just luck? 625 items and none of them are modules… makes sense.

Im pretty sure it was done at a different time. Before level affected drop


Mercy is decent if you have good luck, but for someone who expects the worse, Annihilation is better. It has higher overall damage when you pack 2 as opposed to 1 and a Mercy, and +10 extra drain.

It IS useful for dual Nightfalls, though. It helps a lot vs. dual Annihilations that stay at range 1 if you’re lucky.


I’m scared of mercy seriously whenever I see opponent having it I’m scared to go near

It hits 400+ 2/3 times


I did say pure stupid luck tbh. But maybe you’re right about the different times. Also if it’s modules you want, farm the shit out of RB normal mode. Been dropping engines, boosters and shit since joining.


my regret is that i still play this game.


Playing the game itself is not a problem but spending money does not worth for me mostly because of my country.


Maxing out the following items, when we first started the SM Reloaded:

  1. Reckless beam
  2. Iron frenzy.
    3 .Mighty cannon
  3. Ultrabright
  4. Stormweaver.
  5. Heron mark(stoped at around lvl 25 myth).
    7.Interceptor Torso.
    8.Sith torso(kinda in between on this one).
    9.Using the legacy converter.
  6. accidently fusing sorrow.(all done at the begining)
  7. accidently fussing reckoning.(done lately, while clearing some epics, the phone screen is too small)
  8. accidently fussing a magma blast(done lately, while clearing some epics, the phone screen is too small)


I regret playing this game at all.