Your own "base"


This is where you keep all your resources that you acquire and can be “farmed” by other players. Like your credits, fusion power and possibly your items. How does this work? So basically you “improve” your workshop by equipping defenses like turret, barricades and even drones.

Do not worry, you wouldn’t necessarily lose all items if your workshop has been annihilated by other players. You simply lose not more than 100k credits. “How about my items?” Well, players can steal some of your items including mythical ones, but you won’t lose them. The player who destroyed your base would get fragments of one of the mythical items he claimed. But these “stolen” items would stay in your inventory.

How does the system work for this? Simple. Stronger players will only be queued up to people on their “level”. This is based on how much fusion they have, mythical items, and their ranking and overall performance in ladder battles. The supporter status can also have effects. (The higher the supporter status, the more likely you’ll face stronger people). So weaker people who has disadvantages can also create their own base.

So what are the benefits of this so called base? There are many. Let me introduce first your Workers in the form of drones. These drones can help you by farming fusion (which as I stated, can be stolen by other players). These “fusion farms” can be leveled up by using fusion, some items, and credits. (Also, your defense equipment can also be leveled up). The drones can also get you items you don’t have. And possibly mythical items. But percentages are <2, (Though this can be increased by 0.1% by leveling up your drones).

Anyways, back to the fragment parts. So you got a mythical item from an opponent in the form a fragment, but would you complete the pieces to make it one whole, usable item? By simply getting more fragments by destroying other players’ bases.

Let’s say you want to create a Heat Control. You’ll have to get explosive items. For example, you’ll get a fragment from a Lava Scope, Magma Barrier and a Lava Sprayer. Once you’ve accumulated all these fragments, then you’ll have to use your drones to create the Heat Control using the acquired fragments.

Though there are consumed times to create these items. Here they are:

(This only applied for mythical items)

Modules = 15 hours
Special Items = 25 Hours
Top Weapons = 45 hours
Side Weapons = 50 hours
Legs = 60 Hours
Torsos = 75 hours

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I mentioned something like this Here


It’s an Turn-Based strategy game, not tower defense .-.


Same, I agree with KilliN. I don’t want this to become another tower defense game.


Same, I agree with KilliN. I don’t want this to become another tower defense game.