Your opinion on WinzKay


Due to a recent conversation with @rc1, I found out that he saw me as a

I became intrigued by what others think of me.

    • Tough guy
    • Funny guy
    • Quiet guy
    • Diplomatic guy
    • Average guy

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So here are a couple of descriptions (not true nor wrong, just what I could think of), feel free to comment your own. I would love to see what you see.


I think your an honest player and a decent person


Smart guy, Funny guy…:point_right:


Now you have me wondering what people think of ME


Dang Pleasurebot! :open_mouth:

I wonder how Bestplayer will take your new profile pic.


Lol, I wondered the same!

She can’t accuse him as it’s a public image and Elcent can’t ban because it’s only a profile pic but it’s still controversial


replace all the U’s in “guy” with A’s


Should’ve seen this coming



Seen what coming ?





No what? You need complete sentences




The period completes it.


You are the man my friend.Funny,likes sprites,even helps out too!


Actually “no.” Is a sentence fragment.





Hey, all these say something good about you. Not fair.


Not really, @trophy435 called me gay 4 times


Gay gay gay gay gay

Boom 5 times


i stand by my indirect name calling

nobody voted winz as a tough guy… maybe you should be renamed wimpz_gay



Is there “An Arse”? (obviously joking here)

But what it “Diplomatic Guy” for?