Your opinion about the weapon - bloodweep


Your opinion about the weapon - bloodweep
that if you change it, let’s say this:
50 resist drain
147-209 damage
2 uses
2-4 range
31/31 cost

very rarely I meet people who use it. But this L / M weapon.
In general, any player using the “resist drain” loses his turn and loses due to this. The bloodweep has the damage, which makes it used, but I would not spend a move on it when I have annihilation or a nightfall. damage is more important!
What do you think about that? Is this a good weapon in its current form or does it need changes?


its…its just like arnold


Bllodweep is supposed to be a weapon effective on the long run…

The builds most effective with BW are the tanky one…You have to build your mech around this weapon…


NO… ))
to exhaust the enemy with your huge HP? so that he runs out of weapon? If you can build such a fur, then using conventional weapons, you will kill someone faster with the help of than bloodweep.


50 res drain? that would be fun to play


I actually use this weapon and find it pretty effective. It allows me to outdrain anyone I play against, even when using range control weapons that don’t do res drain. It does require a tanky build to work properly. Preferably with Tonto attached.

In conclusion, I think it’s fine as is.


Why they didn’t use the old Demolisher Mark III sprite?


its fine as it is.
being able to drain 90 resistance with some mediocre damage is already pretty good.
but for those with opinions:

  • yes this will do
  • no need for changes
  • i would make different changes (comment below)
  • i got nothing

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me encantaría tenerlo!