Your happiest moment in SM


What’s your happiest moment in SM?Mine is when I opened a box and obtained a death punch mark2


Congrats, LegacyMech. Getting awesome weapons is always joy, but I look beyond, for memories that were special:

  1. Getting accepted to Reign.
  2. Winning my first clan medal.
  3. Defeating top players
  4. Starting my Youtube channel Mordulec Square
  5. Getting 50 subscribers
    There are plenty of such happy moments…


Mine was when i got a legendary power kit

Not rly, it was when my clan reached top 20

  1. When I uninstalled the app


mine was getting a super nova mk2 from free mix box


Getting my first clan medal in reign clan


When @Fluffeh removed my permanent ban after provocate the moderation.


Taco i know from game…How is ur Brutality torso doing XD


When I got a Platinum Plate.


who is you? My memory sucks




mine were
get my first mythical (infernal axe <3)
reach rank1
max my first mech
create a clan to have fun & joy with some friends
getting mythicals on mix boxes
have 2 mechs
get 3 maxed heat builds xD

now x reloaded
start a new acc & destroy old 1
get bunker shell
get abomination
have fun being on a new clan




Sadly, it wasn’t a legendary-mythical item. But atleast I now know I HAVE the luck to get a legendary from a crate.


I have gotten so many legendries from fortune boxes, free item boxes and premium boxes/packs
but most of the legendries I have I’ve used to transform…


My happiest moment in SM? Mmmm … Processing information loading … error error system failure … Rip computer


My fav moment is getting…
i pretty love seraphblade
its cool.
its my fav moment.
but most fav moment happened today, my pc FINALLY r.i.p…


My fav moment:
buy crap for 2500 tokens
instead one of relics I got corrupt light
just a wow


My worst moment on SM…


U got cannon.
Why do u call it “worst moment”?!
R u crazy?
U got 2nd Leg - Myth!!!
Why u dont said “Yay” or someding else?!!
Wut a logic…


when i got my metrolens fully upgraded…