Your first legendary

Come and chat all about your first legendary. Was it a good legendary or was it a bad one?

I’ll go first. My first one was brutality.

My first legendary was golem, I got it from a perm box and my mech has evolved so much since then
This is the first screenshot I ever have of my mech (when my account was 5 months old, and over 2 years ago by now)
This is where it is from
And this is it now

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I’m lost which item is golem again XD

Mine was the Avenger Torso

mine was a savgery, now its max mythical

It was so nostalgic to see the picture of my mech that a tear escaped me… :sob:
My first legendary item was a sith
although I always liked the nightmare torso


Someday I will do this mech just to remember how much I have advanced in this game


my first fucking legendary is a Typhoon as i mindlessly tried to max it during beta relaoded instead of windigo

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Nugget Can Not Remember Nuggets 1st Legendary, But Nuggets 1st Mythical Was Sith And His 1st Divine Was Short Ranger, Nugget Does Not Have The Sith Anymore though

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F for sith -…

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i feel like i answered this before

but i gotta flex the seraphblade, a sex goddess of sm

Yes, Nugget Thinks it was lv 34

My first legendary was a Naga

My first legendary is this horn…


Mine was avenger. Bad. It sacrificed itself for the upgrade of my heatpoint drone because it was so useless.

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my first legend was

Avenger cuz i though that torso is op af with spartan model

then it turns out it’s heat n ene stats are crap so its also my first myth item to fuse away for the legendary MPV

Mine was rolling beast , but for some f*ckin reason i use it to upgrade my naga torso

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my first legendary… :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:… probably Iron Boots
(on PC it was this bad boy f%20l%20e%20x )

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