Your Favorite BD Forum Signature!


Ladies and Gentlemen,
(Oh, and @Fluffeh)

This is the place to pay tribute to the worst, and best forum signatures from the old forum. Post copies of the most interesting signature’s below and lets get the memories flowing!

(Btw, please keep out of this with your horrific images @Elcent ;))


I will start with my two favorite.

From Jake:

From Goldenpaw: (Created by DarkLighter)


@Carter Get contributing


I seriously hated Jake’s signature more than anyone elses I’ve seen.

The signature is so smug… so assured… yet so not-cool… grr…


I think the signatures Kenny used to make were terrific - the one he made for me once was beautiful.

The old official signature for the mentors was great too


Who made it again?


So awful. Yet the nostalgia… Bring Rotag Back!


Not gonna lie, this was me at first. ^


One of my tattoos has the quote from that signature. But now I tend to use inveniam viam aut faciam which is the basis for my sleeve.


I have 3 favorite ones, out of which 1 is already posted here & other 2 have been removed by their owners.

1st was from @misfit
It was his old sig where there was a man whose stomach grew bigger & bigger in size & it then turned into pepsi sign. There were a few things written like ‘Bazinga of PPC’, 'Bazing of XYZ(I don’t recall the name now) & then ‘‘All Hail Bazinga’’

2nd from @Senatus
Can’t really describe it, but I liked it.

Both of the above ones are removed.

3rd is Jake’s
Dressing is funny, color combination is perfect & then the statement.

Also I wanted to ask players who were active on forum before Jake retired.
Was Jake Product Manager prior to Ilona?
I mean his statement says he runs this forum, this reminds me @Alexander as currently he is running the forum with hegemony & is our current PM


From what I can recall Jake was only a Moderator, (Possible Senior?).
Although I could be wrong, its going back a fair few years.