Your best weapons or whatever :v

Now it’s your time to show off your inventory, get your best items and post them to see who can beat you or with whom you can have a nice fight in the chat. C:

For example, I try to improve my mechs until I can not and I do not have good things like before, besides I feel sad to put things because they are bad. c:

My Best Weapon???
Nightfall Legend
NightEagle Epic
Best Torso
Best Combo
Worst Nightmare
Elec builds XD

best weapon is legend mighty cannon followed by two legendary nightfalls and one legendary annihilator torso is mythical nightmare level 20 and legs are the physical roller thingies level twenty, also my drone is legendary clash level 20

can i post a photo of my inventory (it is missing one nightfall but now i have two) here it is

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