Your Art I Remake


I don’t see the problem. Are you angry because the naming is wrong or something?


By @Ruben


Lol,I’m not angry…
It just bothered me that he called his jobs wrong.
I’m a perfectionist.


Perfectionist, you say? Let me point out some of your mistakes:

  1. You don’t put a space after your commas
  2. Your profile background is an old mech
  3. It still says “Bound to Black” in your location


neither after the dots btw ^^


well, try to remake this

(if u can lol)




pls remake this

and wut program you are using ploz




wow thx
its nice!!!


New Weapons!

(and torsos)

(its too much work to remake xd)





Hourglass nuke, visuals: blasts magma blast rocket sized projectile into the air, and comes crashing down onto your enemy. 1 use, max myth stats: range 4-7, damage is 400-750, heat cost 35, energy cost 10, weight of 400 kg, THIS IS A HEAT WEAPON. Rarity l-m, heat dmg is somewhere in the 30 to 70 range.


I Can’t Remake :sweat_smile:


Okay, that was bad. Sorry to revive, but I feel like this idea is quite good. This is the mythical anubis.




:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Good job. :clap::clap::clap::clap:


You up for the job?
Or is it too intricate.
(I just really wanted to see it as a sprite.)


The decimator: A flaming scope/grappling hook style weapon
450-600 damage
100 heat damage
random 3-6 pull