Your Art I Remake



you By @rianma123

I Remake


Dude,you didn’t remix anything.
You just coloured it.


One person draws it and the other vectorizes it.


you know remixing means to “change it up from the original work”?


Remix this please


OK :joy::ok_hand:


Dog Mech By @WMist253


I am proud


Reminds me of this buddy




He/She liked your post.
I don’t care.


Probably only “polaks” will understand :wink:


Try to remix this. i want it to get 3d. i will also give credits to you


This is a polishmiędzy film ,Reksio,

Idkidkikdjshsgdgsgsgs Suspend me plz

By @Ruben


Thank you, capitan obvious

No one asked you


Thanks @OHMssssGamer that is a good remix


Let me make a couple things clear.
Remixing is when you take something already existent (or more) then put them head-to-toe to create something new from the existing base.

The first pose in this thread was NOT a remix,but a color.You did not give or take anything to/from the initial design,so you just coloured it.

Ruben’s art is not a remix,but a REMAKE.
You took the concept and you remaked it,from a plain 2D image to a 3D one.


Yes :slightly_smiling_face:


Try to detail this plain torso more @OHMssssGamer