You thought using Dual Heat Bomb was crazy?


I’ve seen his replays.
I guarantee that this is a real build and his main altogether.
This is crazy,weilding 3 HB’s!


i know 1 guy that has 2 hb build and is very effective


I always thought using Dual Heat Bomb was crazy…

Crazily powerful XD

But modules and tactics must follow ^^

(I have 4 HB waiting XD but I want some EMP too…
might end on something good…^^)


Is that whom I know…Montelemon’s Double Flaming scope and Double Heat bomb build


This build could punish you (or me) if you’re not careful :confounded:


This guy is suicide.


If he cant keep all the heat after that, he’s screwed for sure XD



That’s awesome! :joy:

What’s his rank?


How the heck this guy gonna deal dmg? Incapacitating is good, but you need to dmg at some point…


Corrupt light


Maybe Drone ?

who knows…

Swoop/Nemo/Murmur for more incapaciting, or Clash for damage with CL…
Or just swithching to second mech maybe, I don’t know what is his 2nd ^^


Well. Gonna take some time…


Rank 13?


It is, asked in Global English, since I’m too high for him


I run a dual HB mech as my main. It’s meant to be a bit of a glass-cannon of sorts.


I never saied the contrary ^^


@Rovolution, some expertize plize broh. Enlight us


I did tried it once… I feel it might be viable but certainly not versatile…
and yeah I feel that a simple corrupt light wouldn’t do enough damage against a well built physicist…

The fun factor might be overwhelming tho :stuck_out_tongue:


You miss to perma heat guys for entire rounds dont you…


How about 2 maxed hbs 2 cls and 2 vr?
I think 4 heat engines would be enough for this mech