You Said Good Teams?


kk i never claimed we won but alfie balantly said he defeated us
i think you do not realize a thing called a trolling team do u? :smiley: cuz if it went over your head trajic placed at tick 1k you should try to place at tick 1k try fighting winning alliance once see how it goes for ya
trajic didnt expect to win the era he got what he wanted a war in wich he killed most of them they event wanted dino to stay out of the war till they were pushed to EU and lost most their relics then asked them to interfere to kill one of our memebers(they only collected relics and handed them over they said they will just let us and sgc duke it out)
i understand half the community would love to see that T lost but sadly they didnt :smiley:


blah blah blah, they won the era not the war, that’s the point everyone is trying to make


Its like getting 2 different narratives actually. You have the SGC narrative, the T narrative, and then whatever the **** this youseff guy is trying to say?

T and SGC can seem to agree on what happened give or take. Youseff seems to disagree with both sides and has his own little narrative complete with broken english and dumb-assery in the 3rd degree.


idk what 2 different narratives ur getting cuz im pretty sure i am just saying what happened from T side :smiley:


Hi everyone,
Im only going to weigh in the one time and this post is directed to @trajic1.

My thoughts on that E3 era - It was a fun war. Both sides put everything they had into it, despite posts to the contrary anybody who says either side gave less than their all’s is definitely a liar/wasnt there. It is respectable that T managed to stay alive throughout the entire era, but it also isnt as impressive as they make it seem because what good is surviving if you cant translate it into success on the battlefield?

Even if SGC didnt manage to finish the job completely we had you locked up in South America and literally ran out of time in the era. We unforuntetly had to pullback from South America or Strangers team absolutely would have passed us in points(and almost did thanks to a countdown screw up by admin simen).

Back to the original point of this post,
Trajic, Spin it however you want to. You and I BOTH know that i challenged you to a 1v1 era. SGC vs T. No subs. No allies. We agreed that we would skip the next era and then face off in the one after. You accepted. You never showed.

Oh yes and I have the logs saved on skype if anyone is in a rush to call me a liar or whatever.


You didn’t ‘run’ out of time, you could’ve ended the era whenever you wanted lmfao you had all 10 relics for over 1000 ticks you just had someone else hold one for you


Oh cmon, T will always have subs! oh wait, i mean “brother” lol But hey, I’m a nobody, just giving my opinion from an unbiased point of view. There may be skilled, intelligent players… but how can one tell, while fighting 20+ of them? LIKE SWAGman and mr M9 hehe :confused:
atleast not as bad as 4E :tired_face:

On the other hand SGC seems to be compromised of fewer amount of skilled players.(like someone already said) And yes unbiased, seeing that some SGC members hate my guts :blush: just some nooby backstabber input, dont mind me :wink:


I will admit it Zealot. We couldnt get the job done against T and we werent able to finish them.

I dont think that should be held against us though. How many teams in BD can say they’ve gone toe to toe with no side being totally defeated by tick 3,000? Your right we could have ended the era anytime we wanted to, yet we chose to duke it out until the final moments. That choice almost costed us the win as anybody can see on the hall of fame we bested your team by hardly 100 points.

That being said 3,000 ticks of warfare translates into 50 days of real life. 50 days of both sides giving it their all and SGC coming out on top. I wont pretend like SGC didnt put everything we had into that era and i know T did as well.


Thank you to alfie for disbanding half his army right?


Because ■■■■ loyalty amirite @Alfie , you’d throw anyone under the bus for precious Stark

And @Lord_Eddard_Stark, the reason was not to try and get as many members in the Top 10 as you could? Or to kick Stranger out of Rank 1? Because people spamming your teams colonies for crystals so that another member could grab them didn’t happen at all, did it :slight_smile:

And before you say that Stranger bought out somebodys crystals as well, that was literally just a countermeasure because you did it first. I agree that it wasn’t the best thing to do… But come on, stop selling this bullshit to everyone. Everyone in that era fucked up to some degree. If you think you did no wrong that era, then you either have your head too far up your ass, or you weren’t in a top team.


Well @Zealot I’ve always been pretty clear about who I’m loyal to. We played that awful F5 together, we did M3 where you were carried to the win and I made sure you got a ribbon in this e3, don’t then hate me for staying loyal to my team in that era where you lost all sight of what really matters because you, nick and patrick were blinded by the prospect of a win.

It didn’t have to be the way it turned out - I remember FULLY that you, pat, nick and myself planted as a four a little late (I had just come back from break after quitting during F5) - me and pat RESOLVED our previous issues - and that we built up intending to mess around and never planned to attack SGC, regardless of what stark thought.

I NEVER lost sight of that in the era or since, even when you messed with us all the next era, it was still nothing that couldn’t be forgiven. We aren’t the ones who went around blocking everybody and trying to mess with the teams you were in, if you remember I worked very very hard to try and get you back in people’s good books and solve lingering problems because I felt an obligation to after F5. I regret having ever tried for you now

Also @Fluffeh, you’re making it look like I keep making new boards purely to shit talk other people :sob:


Everyone attacked you huh? :grin:


ok the dude is talking about fewer skilled players again…
Stark while u are here can u mention how many people helped u through the era and how many helped us? did traj to fight u through the era yes but he knew he couldnt have won wasnt his target it was the war he came close to the win but dino interfered which was expected really :smiley: we knew that era was lost we chose to fight it just like u knew u coulda won and chose to fight so we both had same target the war
i dont get it T is composed of 100 players? no we arent…
and i am 100% sure we have players in T that are worth 10 thats why a simple troll team like T can fight teams with double our squads and double our income and double our numbers and win which we did multiple times so i dont know what ur talking about with multiple subs i really dont that claim is what annoys me the most through this thread
@iAmB used to it this stuff makes it fun :joy:


What is SGC??? :pig2: :pig: :pig_nose:


Someone forgot about #KillPatrick


You still don’t get it do you. I admitted to wrongdoing, I literally said it in the paragraph above. And we were never ‘blinded’ by a win. If you knew us well enough you would’ve known that we were doing it because we felt that we had been treated like trash that era by SGC.

I remember clear as day one of the members (who I’m not going to name, but they know who they are) specifically talk shit about Pat’s mum, Sage. That isn’t on at all. And I know thats what spurred Pat on to get that gold medal. Your loyalty is fine. BUT your loyalty to the team you plant with should surpass every other team, whether it be your best friend or not.

The problem doesn’t lie with you, I admit it. Its with the SGC mentality as a whole. Case in point Stranger. He played with another team for one era, thinking that SGC wouldn’t mind. His team backstabbed. Part of the game. He wasn’t leading. He didn’t have control over that. He told me that he didn’t want to do it, but because I was his friend, and I still am his friend, I forgave him, as I was leading your sub that era.

He continued to feed me intel after he died, like what TROL was up to, if anyone was planning to attack, etc. Because he didn’t want to lose the family that bought him up. But he did. And thats why I don’t value SGC at all anymore. Because you have a herd mentality.

You do have good people in there, people that I get along with well, like Sakrie, Skizzy, FPS, etc. But the way that SGC treated Stranger is nothing more than disgusting. He admits himself that he did some bad shit - but ln my opinion - all of it was just retaliation because of the shit that SGC put on him.


To be fair, you are the one that first went off-topic on both threads. :stuck_out_tongue:


You do have good people in there, people that I get along with well, like Sakrie, Skizzy, FPS, etc. But the way that SGC treated Stranger is nothing more than disgusting. He admits himself that he did some bad shit - but ln my opinion - all of it was just retaliation because of the shit that SGC put on him.

Ayyyy lmao. I think it’s hilarious that people keep putting me on the list of non-idiot SGC. It must be because I troll everybody equally


It’s raining salt here​:grin::grin:


Well its true. Chaotic neutral :joy: