You Said Good Teams?


Judging by the Hall of fame they did. Also looks like that DINO team beat them score wise as well.


Lemme enlighten you. V is T


This guy knows ^^ SA was off limits for them


I mean, falling from rank 1 to 5 sure isn’t a good thing. And yes Patrick, we all know you had the sexiest stats that era despite not being in the main war


lol without Patricks help would SGC have won the era and got all those relics


Im absolutely baffled. If SGC was fighting T and you had alliance stats/power like that why wouldnt you sack up and take the win? Interesting.

Like i said previously. Looks like it was a fun era and full of warfare. Sounds like T did infact survive so kudo’s to them for that. SGC did walk away with the win though and a win is a win.


win is a win yeah they didnt kill T they had players in strangers team like alfie so they made them collect the relics and hand them over :slight_smile: did T die to sgc nope did they raise their flags over our colonies nope?
they had more allies kudos for them for being able to secure everything but they definatlly couldnt secure the one thing that would have made them defeat us our armies :slight_smile:


Hi yeah @Fluffeh I’m feeling super offended by this please can you delete his post thanks


200 posts on a topic about a new event :open_mouth: I’m sure all of these are on topic. Wouldn’t want to remove any posts now would you :slight_smile:


as we mentioned 999 times alfie with different evidence and replies and proofs from multiple people which even stranger was nice enough to provide we didnt lose to u
the three times i attended wars vs sgc specially e3 we killed u all 20 times over but sadly no income multiple teams attacking us and the low income we had allowed u to rebuild
m3 i answered it team full of newbs our fault wasnt sgc
m1 it was two players from sgc who were good the rest got them selves locked twice and killed these 2 players


Someone clearly didn’t get the joke :upside_down:


replying to something he said earlier :joy:


Glad more people know the truth, lmao

Also @Alfie, if you can’t take the heat then don’t dish it out, I mean its pretty bloody basic, right? Who would’ve thought?


Well, actually Zealot, it was a joke about how Fluffy removed some stuff off another board.


Was it highly offensive? :smile:


Apparently, he’s been shifting it around and screwing my notifications for the last day


What thread lol (ignore this this is just to get over 20 character limit, uhh womble is a fag0t)


Something about Jazz wanting more energy in 1 tickers


Not really a good idea lol


The only thing Stranger provided proof of was that both his team and SGC outranked yours at the end of the era. You may have been “alive” at the end of the era. Spin it however you want. You played as hard as you could and couldnt even end top 3 O.o