You Said Good Teams?


man word family kinda sucks really
thats why i dislike most teams they are your friends and all but whats stopping you from fighting them kinda pathetic if u ask me
T we might fight each other from time to time in eras accidentally end of the day all good friends no1 holds grudges


@Malicewolf: I don’t stab my own teams, I’m loyal to the people I play with that era. SGC cant seem to get it into their minds that you can play with other people. Like @trajic1, I played with him for a couple eras. That was fun as hell, especially because we took the win from SGC :stuck_out_tongue:

@Zealot: (safe place)


I’ve fought people from SGC plenty of times and it’s never had a good outcome for the group


Thats cuz SGC has 0 chill lmao.


“Swagger and friends jumped ship”

Youve got it completely wrong. SGC and swaggers team were fighting, i planted and joined swaggers team, a few days after i joined more than half the team quit as Rob who took leadership off anishmal had to quit due to real life issues. SO we voted ismael and recruited a whole new team from randoms and held out against WN and subs, SGC and i dont remember the rank 3 alliances name at the time. But honestly if it makes you feel better you can call it T as i was there semi active. But to pride yourself on that era where you had so much help and couldnt kill 1 troll semi active team is a whole new level of brain dead. The amount of times SGC died was disgusting. If not for rank 1 (DINO/SGC sub) stabbing us to kill our most active player it could have been good. To say we wared all those teams and stil ended with half of africa all of SA and NA and half of AA territory on our own and still bloat about beating us is really funny. They couldnt even get rank1 medal as there sub decided to out rank them.

Now stop making me go off topic, ive voted faction instead of schoolyard now, been convinced to will be more fun.


My bad I didn’t remember you guys fought 4E but if that’s the case then well played.


I think Malice said all thats needed to be said here, Alfred.

Loyalty to the team you plant with should be above ANY ties you have with another team. Period.


Honestly, I understand where Alfie is coming from. But at the same time, you’re preventing yourself from meeting new people and experiencing new things. You’re basically telling people, Come join ME even though there’s only 1 or 2 spots open per era outside of my norm team, instead of taking 2-3 of your norm and joining someone else to experience their style.

I mean, I’ve joined players and teams where I’m just like, screw this! This sucks! But I’ve also joined some where it’s completely opened my eyes and I’m like, “I never knew such perfection existed in this world!!!”

Me going through some of the bad to reach some of the most memorable eras I’ve ever been in with complete strangers was worth it. And those strangers became some of the closest people I know in BD now.


Thats deeeeeep! Same here :slight_smile:


Everybody has different mindsets. When you play with the same team every era for two and a half years you develop a different kind of loyalty to that of just a team who you’re chilling with for a single era


Trajic, forever a crybaby. :joy:
You’re still holding onto that woulda/coulda/shoulda era where you were holed up on one continent against a team that didn’t even care anymore. I “backstabbed” and killed your most active player to put you out of your misery in your failed era that you won’t admit you wanted to win. You should thank me, really.


Wait, if DINO was our sub in that era can I start calling 4E a T sub? Apparently not directly fighting each other an era makes a sub a sub?

Traj do you even think before you type? Your arguments aren’t making any sense. Even considering ANY team Anish Mal is running as “serious” is a joke in itself.

@Swagger Yea, we fought over the Saudi Arabia area for a few hundred ticks until we made a breakthrough and thus christened ourselves the “Afrika Korps” for the first time.


And what are you? a baby that just got his first toy? cos thats how happy you are that you managed to backstab correctly :joy:


deez nutz :heart_decoration:


Id love to hear it from Stranger. Confirm/Deny you ran a SGC sub when they defeated T on e3?


OMG I hope I get in Trajic’s faction. LOL. We’ll be bestest friends again.


Welcome to Battle Dawn!!


You literally quoted me saying something completely different to what you’re arguing. “Partly SGC people” is not “SGC sub”.

You lost twice :neutral_face:


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I wasn’t the leader, I was second in charge.
We weren’t a sub, just had a couple of their friends in the alliance.
SGC did NOT defeat T.