You Said Good Teams?


Funny that, I remember your team also getting some random to take about 30 xtals from one of your teams colonies to give to another member of your team so they could get a top 10 :wink:


Hey so, in my defense. I didn’t buy 250 crystals, only 50, and only for 1000 reds.

@Sakrie: The first 187 were earned legitimately through a war I started and won almost single handedly. No thanks to you of course. Maybe if your fearless leader hadn’t gone back on his word of helping Daydar’s team get 3rd, I wouldn’t have arranged that deal. What comes around goes around. Screw people over, and they’ll return the favor. Not like any of this is even relevant though, this was nearly a year ago. Nice to see you still haven’t gotten over losing your ribbon by 20 score, Sakrie.

Edit: Forgot to mention that we handed Relics with the agreement that the era would be over right away (Roughly tick 1200). Stark decided that he’d hold out for another 1500 ticks or so just to try to kill T. He failed miserably I might add. Long story short, the 4 X alliances died by the hands of DINO, and SGC tried to snipe the spoils. Hey, if you hadn’t extended the era you would have won, and we’d all have been happy. But no, nobody likes to end things quickly.

@trajic1: luv u babe

Edit edit: Zealot is the real babe <3 Nick too :stuck_out_tongue:


It was 10 score, and I hold grudges forever.

I don’t consider “Wars” against teams that don’t even defend themselves real, either.

You admitted to PAYING to crystal farm, as far as I’m concerned your medal should be removed and you should be banned.

I am the better Patrick.


doesn’t know how to mention people, 4/10



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Welcome back Patrick :slight_smile:

and that’s enough picking on poor Alfie he was very scared that era , he watched his famous sgc die to a random team for 1.5k ticks even with the help of many alliances. DUE knew they didn’t deserve the win but he was scared to fight them. so he let his whole team down just to sub for SGC. Yet he comes to forum and preach about how T have ‘subs’ and that he hates how they just sit there for free wins. bare in mind he admitted he wiped out on an era and joined a ally of ours in m3 to get free blues.

Anyway that era is long over we ended with alot of territory with the randoms we had it was very funny to see how an semi active team can do vs this world . Plus SGC didn’t get rank 1 medal either :smiley:

BTW this fraction will be held on what world and what ticker if it does win the votes?


All in due time, my friend :slight_smile: But details are being worked through should the vote for factions win ^^ and I’m sure you’ll all love it.


Correct me if I’m wrong trajic, and I am wading through the vast wall of text you posted whilst reading through the lines to get to the truth.

Sgc and T fought on e3? Sounds like swagger and friends brought a team at tick 1 and then got killed. Jumped ship and joined another team(understandable, earth Is a real big map and lots can happen) and then most of the members went and formed another team to finish the fight? Based on the posts it sounds like sgc and t fought almost the entire era. You can have whatever excuse you like, but im sure other vetrean players like Milan and Malicewolf would agree(and im actually curious here so if either of you do care to weigh in Please do) that if the same group spends 2,000 or 3,000 ticks fighting you can’t use the arguement you aren’t a serious team or a “troll” team as you say due to the massive amounts of effort put in.

Sounds like an epic war that spanned the map and didnt even have a clear winner which probably speaks to the quality or combat.

EDIT : since I’m actually curious about the era id love to get an sgc members opinion on what happened so I can try to get a clearer picture of what happened during the era.


You asked the wrong person to weigh in! I don’t consider anything less than 18 hours as active enough for serious play. For me, 12-18 is semi serious play. Anything less is just too inactive to be a reliable member imo. Of course, if you can work out some scheduling with other’s you can be away for longer, but it also means you’re extremely dependent on other’s for information on what’s going on. I know my standards are insane for most players :stuck_out_tongue: So my semi-serious play (aka my troll eras) is often enough to hold out against most teams for quite a while.

It all depends on what kind of mindset you have while playing. Sometimes you go from not serious to serious just because of circumstances (can’t tell you how many times it’s happened to me)! But that doesn’t mean you didn’t start off as a non-serious team with no intention to even win the era.


Difference is when you aren’t serious you’re not that bothered when you lose and you don’t boost reds like the other team did. Also, team was not organized from the start we just pulled a few players together whilst on the other hand their team was fully organised. Now thats not an excuse but what it means is if that was truly a fully active and planned T team going for the win and that would’ve been different. I was serious yes, and I was defeated and another few players who started with me from tick 1 boosted a few k blues but we died so all of that was to waste, the rest of the 2nd team were pretty much pulled together and most only boosted a few blues in emergencies if at all.


Fair enough. I would venture to say for the more common BD player(Malice is clearly a god amongst mortals here) that spending 2-3k ticks or roughly 50 irl days of war is pretty damn serious.


Lmfao them standards are highhhhhhhhh, only in the summer am I that active.


And yet, there are players out there more hardcore than me :slight_smile: *coughMilancough


The real war was no more than 800 ticks in total if that because my first team was killed pretty early and we had a period of no attack for a while after that, after that SGC didn’t enter SA and NA and just collected relics. To be fair though both teams had issues with activity but they overcame us after the 2 spies they had in our team stopped even playing properly and a few went inactive and we were overwhelmed in Saudi with a massive push from their side into Africa, after that it was too hard to recover Africa and we were pushed out and I got killed (once again) in AA.



You’re so right. Loyalty to long time friends is such a bad quality.
Why couldnt I have just shamelessly gone along with stealing the win from my own team mates like you guys??


Just my personal take on these kind of matters.
While it’s nice to be loyal to a family team, it shouldn’t be that you’ll throw any/everyone else under the bus for them (Expand your horizons! Meet new people!). If you were so loyal, then start the era with them to begin with. Otherwise, do what’s right for the team you actually joined to play that era with. Even if some of your friends joined up on the era later.

It’s OK to fight your friends. Many seem to have this mindset that you should never fight a friend on BD. They view it as a betrayal of sorts. The only betrayal in my mind though is that you would hold our friendship over my head because of a GAME. Take the opportunity to face one another and LEARN from one another. One of you WILL win. Figure out your weaknesses and help each other rise even higher.


^why I’ll never join SGC, most of them are proud that they’ve blocked everyone/won’t play with other people besides themselves

Edit: when I say that I know they might have a valid reason to do so, but I’ve made friends/continued to be friends with people who’ve beaten me before, and I can only think of a few people in all of BD that I’ve met who are actually unfriendly people.


We’re not the ones who did the blocking after that era. And @Malicewolf, I didn’t even plant at the start of that era, I planted several days late. I don’t think you can justify trying to steal a win after an era of essentially watching and building up from my normal team who were fighting from tick 1. The family always comes first


You can view it however you wish. I’m just simply saying, I think it’s silly to not face friends. Knowing your mindset now, I would also never take you in as a teammate or even trust you as an ally. I would just assume you’ll betray me for your friends every time. If you don’t mind that, then there’s no issues. I just think it’s silly to limit your opportunities.


Wait we had spies in your team? I honestly don’t remember that part of it.

I do remember beating you guys as SDoo (I acknowledge it wasn’t a “proper” team), then immediately fighting 4E across Africa while you guys rebuilt, then we resumed that war. It may have not felt like the entire era was spent fighting us, because we were busy with actual wars the entire time.